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Welcome to KP Aquatics - Providing Healthy, Hand-Captured Atlantic Sea Life for over 25 Years.

KP Aquatics is offering aquarium saltwater fish, invertebrates and aqua-cultured live rock directly from the divers.  Caught in the beautiful Florida Keys just for you. No middle man and our great hand-selected quality is the proven way for the best results in your tanks. Are you looking for a certain fish or plant? We will try to fulfill special requests where possible.

We are a small family owned business and are proud to offer a level of customer support that cannot be matched by large companies. We at KP Aquatics are absolutely dedicated to deliver you a superb experience and are always willing to answer your questions about any marine sealife related topics.

This is not just a job for us, this is our dream come true. Let us share our passion for tropical fish with you and your loved ones.

Our selection here at KP Aquatics: