Shipping and Packaging

Ship Days

We normally ship every Monday and Tuesday unless otherwise posted or statedOn Monday we ship our airfreight orders and on Tuesday, we ship our overnight orders. Please let us know which days are convenient for you in case our schedules allow us to ship later in the week. We can ship overnight packages when temperatures are as low as 10 degrees. If the temperatures fall below any of the above mentioned ones, we will hold off the shipping due to the safe arrival of the animals. Please contact us if want to receive your order later in the week. We will try to work into our schedule because we normally go out diving the later in the week.

We are not shipping to Hawaii. We can ship to Alaska for the actual shipping cost. If you get to free shipping for Alaska, we have to charge $17.50 for the higher shipping cost.

Shipping Methods

Our overnight shipping is a flat rate which is $40. We now also offer free overnight shipping on orders over $299 which has to be placed in a single order. Additional orders placed afterwards to reach a combined value of $299, do not grant free shipping.

Overnight shipping for live rock is for the live rock only and does not include shipping charges for any live stock added. We may combine live rock with other critters for in wet paper only but can not combine shipments with in water shipping. The flat rate fee of $40 is to help offset the shipping charges for the additional weight in the box.

Flat rate means you can add as many items to your order without changing the shipping price. The shipping price will only change if you add an item that requires a faster shipping method.

Adding to an Order

If you want to add to your order, you would place another order. Please contact us for the coupon code that will not charge you additional shipping, because we are changing it on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that you have to place the order the night before so that we can combine the orders.

Payments and Refunds

Refunds due to a customer request will be processed as soon as possible. PayPal is not refunding the fees of the transaction to us anymore. We are charging a 5% cancellation fee to cover those transaction fees.


The day your livestock is shipped, a shipping notification with tracking information will be emailed by the freight carrier. Additionally, you will receive an invoice from us that contains tracking information and ship dates. The tracking information available is first class and will let you know where the shipment is at any given time. The USPS provides a tracking number but the online information does not provide active status of the package’s progress and is only useful if the shipment appears to be lost. Please review our “Arrive Alive Guarantee” for instructions if shipping problems occur.

 Secure Packing

All of our livestock is sealed in oxygen-inflated bags, doubled bagged and packed in foam-insulated boxes (no box charge). Each critter has different needs and we adjust the water to oxygen ratio based on their individual needs. When needed, heat or gel packs are added at no extra charge.

Local Pick up

We do allow local pick up. Please contact us for an appointment. Since we are shipping on Monday and Tuesday, those days would be preferred.

Airfreight (Heavy Items)

We ship airfreight every two weeks from Ft. Lauderdale. We use Southwest and Delta (excluding Dash destinations). All shipments have to be picked up at the cargo area of the airport. We only ship regular freight.

Eligible Southwest Destinations are marked red and blue.
Find Southwest Airlines Locations here

Delta Destinations (Dash destinations are not included and will not be processed)
Find Delta Airlines Locations here

 Group Buy

Each member of the group buy can pay and checkout by themselves. Our website has the shipping option for  “free shipping” which doesn’t charge shipping. Please contact us for a free shipping coupon otherwise this option is not available. Only one person has to pay for the shipping or we do offer free shipping for aquarium club orders over $299 which means that everybody gets to choose the group buy option. Also, you have to decide which member of the group buy will receive the order and every member of the group buy needs to put a keyword (club name etc) to their name or our comment section to identify them as being part of the group buy. Group buy order should be placed 24 hours before the shipping date.