Educational Specimen

We are providing a great variety of different animals for research or in class teaching methods. All animals will be shipped overnight to your facility and our $40 flat rate will not apply if you order any critters that are not listed on our website. We normally use the FedEx account of the purchaser but we can also use our FedEx account if requested. Please contact us for pricing for animals that are not listed on our website.

Here are some examples why we charge differently compared to our website:

  • Lytechinus variegatus and Eucidaris tribuloides will be bigger than the ones listed on our website. Higher complexity due to a couple procedures that will insure that you will get a great spawn rate.
  • Bigger sizes for Stegastes Damsels
  • We don’t always collect every critter from the Atlantic / Caribbean ocean because they are not desired in the aquarium trade.

We reserve the right to not ship any critters due to misuse of live animals.

Please fee free to contact us for references from different customers that have been ordering educational animals from us over the years.