Aquarium Aquacultured Live Rock Supplier

Are you looking for live rock for sale? Look no further, our aquacultured live rock is one of the best available in the aquarium trade. We operate the oldest east coast lease site in the Florida Keys. Our live rock for sale is Aragonite Rock which comes from an ancient reef that nowadays is dry land. So it has no negative effect on our Reefs. Our live rock has been pressure cleaned and carefully cultured in the ocean. We actually created an artificial reef in the ocean which is a new habitat for a lot of marine life.

Our live rock has been in the ocean for at least a year (Starter Rock) and our Premium Rock (Aquacultered Live Rock) has been in the ocean for 2+ years. We constantly tend to our live rock site to remove silk and rotate our pieces to achieve maximum coverage.

Here is a good example why we want to sell ocean live rock:

Here is another good example why you want aquacultured live rock from the ocean. It is a very well written article and concludes the above findings but explains it in detail. It is definitely worth reading the whole article.

Aquacultured Live Rock from the ocean has the unique microbial variety which will help you create the most diverse and balanced microbial communities.  Live rock rapidly establishes an effective biological filter where dry rock will need a lot of help and months and months to do the same. By using live rock you will be able to skip ugly algal blooms (diatoms, cyanobacteria etc.). If you want to save money, use our dry rock and seed it with our live rock which will give you similar results but the biological filtration will take longer. Our Dry Rock is very similar/same to the big brands for the fraction of the cost.

Start your tank right without the headache, use KP Aquatics’s Aquacultured Live Rock.

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