Pufferfish are cute and entertaining aquarium fish. Their large eyes and round mouths make them appear cartoon-like. This combined with the way their pectoral fins propel their relatively large bodies to hover and swim makes them an amusing fish to watch. Pufferfish in an aquarium become accustom to feeding time, and will eagerly greet you at the top of the tank, looking at you through the water’s surface. Pufferfish are easy to maintain, having a hardy appetite. Along with pelleted food, puffers will eat smaller invertebrates in the aquarium. The Spiny Box fish and Porcupine puffer get along well with most other fish, but the Sharpnose and Checkered puffer can pick on smaller fish in the aquarium. However, if these species are introduced when they’re smaller than the fish established in the aquarium they normally get along well.

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