Wrasses are great aquarium fish because they are very visible and very entertaining. They all swim primarily with their pectoral fins, allowing them to bend their body and wind around and through the aquarium’s structures. As they’re swimming and exploring their eyes look up and down, and side to side, in search of something to munch on. Most wrasses, except for Creole wrasses, eat small invertebrates in an aquarium, but they normally don’t disturb corals. Therefore, please use caution when considering adding a wrasse to your reef aquarium. More information on specific wrasses are found under each product. Wrasses range in aggression, with Creole wrasses being very mildly mannered, to more aggressive supermale Yellowhead wrasses. Generally, the juvenile of each species of wrasse is less aggressive, while the supermales are more aggressive. Most wrasses are easy to maintain and feed.

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