Chromis are lively and visible fish. They are less aggressive than their damsel counterparts and they don’t bother other fish, invertebrates, or corals. Our most popular chromis is the Blue chromis, although Grey chromis are also available. Additionally, KP Aquatics offers purple reefish, yellowtail reeffish, and sunshinefish, all of which, like chromis, are more mildly mannered. These fish all swim above and through the aquarium’s structures, hovering above one area, then slowly swimming around, and occassionaly darting for food. The chromis and reeffish do not only get along well with other species of fish, but they also get along well with each other. Often multiple of the species are purchased for the same aquarium because they will form small schools. Furthermore, species of small reeffish will school with the smaller chromis. This schooling behavior adds a lot to aquarium dynamics and complexity.

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