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Pederson’ Cleaner Shrimp (Anemones Shrimp), Periclimenes pedersoni.  They are small shrimp with long wavy antenna that spend most of their time perched on anemones waiting for fish to come by for cleanings.  They are often part of big cleaning stations that may involve neon gobies, wrasses, and other cleaner shrimp such as banded coral shrimp and scarlet cleaner shrimp.  They seem to prefer the corkscrew anemones and the knobby anemones that live on the offshore hard bottom habitats, but whey will host on just about any Caribbean anemone, including the corallimorphs such as ricordea.  They are quite animated in an aquarium and will rock back and forth bouncing their antenna trying to attract the attention of the larger fish so they can check them for parasites.

Although these shrimp do like to nibble the ectoparasites off larger fish in the wild, they do not depend on them for their sole source of food and will easily thrive on almost any kind of food available to them.  During feeding times they will actively swim to the surface and take food from your hand, so they are a lot of fun to care for once they get settled into your routine.

These shrimp never get more than about an inch long, so if you have fish such as triggerfish, groupers, wrasses, and snappers, they will probably get eaten so I would not recommend adding them to systems with that type of fish.  Sea horses may also eat them, so I would not suggest mixing the two.  They are reef safe and would be a great addition to any reef tank, especially a nano tank that has limited space.

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9 reviews for Anemone Shrimp, Pederson

  1. robert murdy

    A very cool, very small shrimp. It almost looks like a freshwater ghost shrimp with a little more color. I enjoy looking for him.

  2. Emerson White

    I loved these amazing shrimp. Due to a shipping mixup at my end they were allowed to get cold before being put in my tank (Ken had nothing what so ever to do with this careless mistake) and appeared oxidized, but with a little time and a temperature readjustment they seemed to come right back to life and lived happily in my tank for more than a year. They were my favorite citizens, beautiful and lively.

  3. daren curry

    These little guys are so cool. It is very easy to get them to feed out of your hand. After a while they will jump on your hand any time its in the water, so be careful. They are small, but are very interesting to watch.

  4. Jean Wu

    Carol and Ken, thank you so much for everything. It’s been almost a week since the order’s arrival, I just want to report back to let you know everything is doing great and kicking. The anemone shrimps are becoming my favorite out of the entire tank, they are out and front all the time as the tank clown, and providing tons of entertainment. You guys are the best. Thank you.

  5. Todd Alvis

    Awesome little guy! Eats right out of my hand and none of my fish or other shrimp have bothered him. Very visible in my 55g, as soon as you walk up to the tank he’ll come up and start “waving” at you.

  6. Richard Andres

    Just know what you are getting, these things are TINY, like the size of the word “tiny” I just typed. I will probably never even see this ting in my reef, they are crystal clear and SO small. I would not put this thing in a tank with any fish, its a litle bigger than the mysis I feed my fish. Its as described, but VERY small

  7. michael mattox

    These guys are nice, but a little harder to see and are pickier about hosts than the spotted anemone shrimp are. I do like them very much, they are interesting to observe.

  8. Robin Stafford

    I’ve had two of these guys a couple of months, and they’re doing great. They’re pretty, they feed well, and are very active, always waggling their antennae at me trying to get my attention. They’re supposed to be bad shippers, but Ken does a great job.

  9. Wayne Stuck

    Purchased 2 Pederson Anemone Shrimpe. Arrived in excellent condition and took off right away into one of my anemones. Very Nice.

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