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Aquacultured / Maricultured Live Rock from our offshore aquaculture live rock site. The sizes vary from Softball, Baseball to Gulf ball sizes, pebbles, and have been in the ocean for over a year before harvesting. Some of the pieces will have coralline algae, sponges or other living organisms growing on the rock but we don’t have a guarantee for it. The main purpose of this rock is to boost your existing diversity microbiome bacteria. The pictures are showing the same batch of live rock under actinic and regular light with a flash (both sides), just after the harvest. Once the rock goes into our holding tank, it will cure and some of the colors might become less.

This is aquacultured live rock is the same live rock that we use for our premium live rock and it just has a few specs of coralline algae on it.  Aquacultured starter rock is a good way to set up your basic system with out spending a lot of money.  Most people build the main framework of their system with starter rock, and dress up the outside with live rock.  The starter rock lacks the high coralline algae coverage found in our live rock, but still has some color and is loaded with the bacterial fauna you’re looking for to get that system jump-started.

The rock we use is an extremely porous type of limestone called “Miami Oolite”, which is very high in aragonite.  We don’t buy machine-sorted rock, so we don’t boast of having millions of pounds of rock in the water, but what we do have is very high quality.

If you’re looking for quality live rock, we have the oldest offshore live rock aquaculture site in The Florida Keys, and its unique location results in some spectacular live rock.  We hand select every rock that goes in the water, and leave them on the bottom for at least two years until they are ready to be harvested.

We are shipping this rock via overnight shipping. The starter aquacultured live rock will still require curing like every rock that went through the shipping process. We don’t guarantee live arrival of any hitchhikers.

The rock will be shipped in wet paper and can be added to any UPS order.


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