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Arrow crabs, Stenorhynchus seticornis, are an all time favorite for marine aquariums. These spindly crabs are a lot more rugged than they look, and will do well in most types of aquarium set-ups. They are easy to care for and will actively grab any type of food offered to them during feeding times. We prefer to ship the smaller specimens because the great big ones can be ornery and don’t tend to ship as well.  The arrow crabs are NOT reef safe as they like to rip apart mushrooms and other soft corals.

Note: Arrow Crabs have been known to crawl out of small acclimation buckets or rimless tanks/sumps where the water level is close to the rim.  Please be aware of this so that you can cover the lid or lower the water level so that the arrow crab cannot escape.

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  1. jvcasuso (verified owner)

    Ordered one for my refugium to reduce the number of bristle worms residing there. While acclimating him, he decided that he didn’t like where he was going, climbed out of the acclimation container, walked over the chaeto, over the side of the refugium and half way over the top of the display tank (top of the refugium and the display are about level). Must have run out of steam because he didn’t make it in to the display. When I found him, he was as if frozen. I thought he was dead, put him in the refugium, he twitched a little but sadly didn’t survive. Would probably been a funny sight to see him walking across the chaeto on those thin legs. Had covered the container with the neon gobies expecting them to jump but had not covered his not expecting an attempt to escape. Lesson learned, cover arrow crabs!

  2. Moses Taryanik

    These guys are very cool and fun to look at, I’ve read that they eat fire worms and flat worms. Had mine for a while until my hogfish ate mine. lol Just make sure you have fish that don’t eat crabs!

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