Assorted Oddball Ricordea

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Assorted Oddball Ricordea are a mix of assorted color combinations. We try to find different colors from our Ricordea in stock but they also can be some regular colors. We can not accept any color requests. All of the Assorted Ricordea polyps we sell are nice and none will be the ugly greenish brown ones that some people sell.

Keep in mind that your lighting and time will determine how the colors eventually look for you, so if you don’t like the initial colors, either give it a little more time or change the lighting.  If your polyps seem to be dull, or seem to be fading away, then they are probably not getting enough light.  If they bleach out and rapidly lose most of their pigment, then the light is too intense or it’s too hot in the tank.  For more information go to one of the online forums such as Reef Central and get connected with others who have more experience keeping reef tanks with ricordea.

These are loose polyps and are not attached to any significant amount of substrate.  They will eventually attach to any clean substrate in your tank, or you can epoxy or superglue them to what ever you want.

All of the Assorted Ricordea that we sell are extremely hardy and are great for any level of reef keeper, from the novice to the pros.  They are primarily photosynthetic, but should be fed some sort of supplemental planktonic foods.  In the wild they eat the organic dust and silt that settles on them, so when feeding them, dust them with food.

Ricordea reproduce primarily by division, so these single mouthed polyps will eventually form a second mouth and then begin the process of dividing into multiple polyps.  Many people help this division process along by cutting them in half between the mouths. This may seem radical, but it works and they almost always survive the process.  If you are pondering doing this, I would suggest you do some more homework before you try it.

The two species of anemone shrimp from the Caribbean, Periclimenes yucatan and Periclimenes pedersoni, will readily take up residence on these ricordea polyps and provide an interesting show in your tank

Ricordea ship very well by priority mail and can easily survive a three or four-day ship time.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

44 reviews for Assorted Oddball Ricordea

  1. fishnshrimps (verified owner)

    Got a nice one. About an inch across expanded, so smaller than some of the other rics I’ve gotten from here, but still a good size and really nice colors. 100% suggest throwing one of these in with any order you place- just about every tank has a place for a ricordea or three.

  2. voupex (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these and they look like all the other Atlantic coral I have. They are little and not very active even after a couple weeks. Really was hoping for something different for the extra money.

  3. Megan (verified owner)

    I ordered 1 and as balled up and terrified for it as I was it ended up beautiful. I acclimated it to the temperature for about 20 minutes and it opened up. Day 2 and it has moved itself 2, appears to be a blue ricordea polyp, and is eating live baby brine shrimp

    Will be ordering another soon ( they like having multiple of their kind)

  4. Steph30aydenb (verified owner)

    Got two of these today. And an extra. Can’t quite see what they will be but I am sure they will be great. One is definitely a blue and the other two green. Are doing well. Can’t wait until they settle and grow a bit to see what they will become in the tank

  5. Phil Memmer

    Terrific. The oddball ric I ordered turned out to be green and yellow, and brilliantly flourescent under actinics… and it has two mouths. Despite being shipped Priority from Florida to Upstate NY (in December!) it opened immediately. Will definitely be getting more of these in the future.

  6. Marcella Maiuri

    I REALLY like these! I almost wish I just ordered a bunch of these instead of the assortment or other colors. Ken even threw in a bonus one! The two were both different. Both had two mouths. One was minty colored and the other was a pale yellow green both very pretty. I dont think you will ever see these colors in your Local Fish Store!

  7. Andy szekeres

    I just got my order and these Ricordea look really great. I am really impressed with my order and was even given an extra one!

  8. Richard Andres

    I have ordered these several times and each time I seem to get a mint green type color with a purple rim. This color must be a common one so be prepared that may be what you get. Kind of on the small side, but for the price you can’t beat it, and Ken often throws in an extra.

  9. robert murdy

    Awesome Ric’s. Fully opened within an hour even after 2 day shipping. Ordered 1 and got an extra one. Very nice and different shade of purple. Would keep buying from especially with affordable shipping.

  10. Will Fairchild

    Fantastic! I bought 2 and ended up getting 3! Thanks Ken! Plus these ricordeas are beautiful. They are a great addition to my tank.

  11. Lisa Schwamkrug

    I just got a couple of these and one was a light blue, the other light blue ringed with purple. They are absolutely stunning.

  12. Carrie Giesler

    Ordered several Ricordeas, Mushrooms and crabs for my nano….wow! Corals have beautiful color and the crabs are doing great. I am so pleased with their service and shipping quality and quanity that I placed another order this morning. Can’t wait till it arrives!

  13. Adam Fisher

    Very pleased with my order. Care was taken in picking these. Got two for one!

  14. Kim matheny

    I was sent an extra and these have amazing color in them and are both already spliting.

  15. michael mattox

    I always add at least one of these to my order. I have never been disappointed. Colors are amazing, Ken is the man.

  16. Keri Naylor

    Awesome! I received 2 instead of one. The colors for the oddball ric were great. Like a lime green middle with a darker edge and yellow mouths. All of the ricordea that I received in my order were very colorful and perfect. Will order again for sure.

  17. Jamie Fradenburg

    Colors on these are awesome! Just placed another order for one more! We ordered 5 the first time and received 6. Great Service!!

  18. Roy Mittelstadt

    Kick butt colors. You cant beat this price. You wont be disapointed.

  19. Ron Priest

    very nice.order 2 and ken sent me 3. will be back soon to order more ricordea and some mushrooms.
    Thanks Ken

  20. Carol Anderson

    Wonderful size, really lovely colors. My order was delivered early the next morning after I placed it.

  21. Thomas Johnson

    Just thought I’d write to let evertone know how nice your ricordea are. The ones I ordered have already split a couple of times and it’s only been like 3 months. you can’t go wrong with anything from Ken.

  22. Joe Faszl

    When Ken says they are odd ball they really are. I have never seen colors like these and they opened to over an inch and a half the first day.

  23. Robert Falkenstern

    AMAZING! I was made I didnt order more! Dont think twice about these every order should add at least one! You will not find nicer rics for this price anywhere!

  24. Oliver Puppel

    I ordered one ric, and got two! One is even splitting, so even better for me. One is a bright green and purple, and the other is a lighter bluish-green. They open up as big as they can get, and look fantastic.

  25. Brian O’Shaughnessy

    First time ordering, I was a little apprehensive about ordering an “assorted” color, but excited to see what I would get. As it turns out, the oddball ricordea I received is my favorite coral in my caribbean tank! Many thanks.

  26. timothy waddell

    cool rics as usual. i really liked the gold-ish one.
    thanks again ken

  27. Kim matheny

    These are so pretty, I ordered 4 and recieved 6 there was one tiny one hidden underneath another. Love how these add so much color.

  28. Tonya Fisher

    Ordered 5, received 6 – beautiful assortment – wouldn’t hesitate to re-order!

  29. Mannix Quitoriano

    I got 2 oddball ricordeas and 1 purple and green ricordea. Ken gave me an extra ricordea for free! In addition, 3 of the 4 ricordeas had multiple mouths! He even gave me free extra zoanthinds and a nerite snail in addition to the ones I ordered! All livestock are doing well in my tank and the zoas all opened up in a few days. What else can I say, but thanks Ken. I will definitely buy more in the future when I set up a new tank.

  30. Jonathan Humphreys

    While “assorted” usually translates to “dull” or “unwanted stuff we want to unscrupulously get rid of” on many coral sites, Ken doesn’t operate like that. Instead, these are unique, colorful, and (in my experience) some of the most beautiful Ricordea Florida I’ve come across. Not to mention, at $10, these are an absolute steal!

  31. John R Sweeney

    My fist time ordering with Sea Life. ordered 18 Ricordia and was absolutely amazed at the quality, size and color. These are show quality at rock bottom prices. Order was packaged professionally and delivered exactly when promised. I highly recommend!

  32. Janie Darlene Lyons

    Beautiful pieces! The rics. are one of my favorites. Coloration was very vivid.

  33. Thai Tran

    Great deal! I received a blue/purple one with 3 mouths and expands to almost 2.5″!

  34. Randy Gerber

    I ordered a single oddball ricordia. I received not only two polyps but one had two mouths. The polyps I got were neon green and were awesome. I also received a few zoa polyps for free. I am so impressed. Another order on monday definately. Greta Stuff. A+++

  35. Rick Pawlak

    I ordred two of these “oddball” ricordia and four blue ricordia. Thes hold their own against the blues, which are spectacular.


    i ordered a steel blue, green and purple, and a oddball ric. also got a red sponge. all the items were better then expected. also got an extra oddball. very easy to do buisness with, and well packaged. i will be purchasing from agian and agian.


  37. Donna Race

    These Ricordea are amazing, we ordered a selection of “named” Ricordea and one Oddball. Ken generously included an additional Oddball, these are my favorites, and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Images of the Ricordea we received from Ken can be seen here: Thank you Ken!

  38. Cindy E Dailey

    I was a little worried when I ordered these.. (I got two).. But I must give Ken credit.. they are amazing! I will be back for more!

  39. Shibaji Shome

    I loved the selections on these, ordered 2 of them and got some really cool rics. Definitely reccomend.

  40. Kathy Helms

    I ordered from here several times and all corals including the ricordea were better than expected.
    I got some really cool pinks and other colors with the assorted.
    All his rics are nice and plump and very colorfull.
    They look better than the pictures.
    Also the packing is supberb.
    You won’t be dissapointed!

  41. robert latta

    Absolutly spectacular ricordeas, an amazing addition to any tank. Ricordea collector must haves, very hard to find colors. I ordered three and each one was very unique. They should be called Creamsicle Ricordeas because of the soft creamy blues, pinks, oranges, and red. Very unique must have more!!1

  42. Rob Brandon

    These were really cool polyps. I received three and all three were different colors. All are very beautiful. Buy with confidence you will enjoy them.

  43. Jennifer Dabbs

    I just love the oddball ricordea! You never know what color you are going to get, but each time they are beautiful! Thanks!

  44. Red Angel

    What do you call that color? doesnt matter both are here healthy and beautiful, Good for the money

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