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Astrea snails, Lithopoma tectum, also called star snails, turbo snails, and algae eater snails, are one of the main stays for algae control in marine aquaria.  They are about the size of an average grape, and have a voracious appetite for algae.  They will eat just about any thin film, encrusting algae, but will also eat hair algae and other nuisance algae.  They don’t seem to eat coralline algae, and usually don’t bother caulerpas, most calcareous algae, and most fleshy macro algae.  They may forage on some of the larger algae, but unless they are really hungry they don’t tend to eat them.  They don’t generally eat bubble algae; so if you’re having a problem with it, get some green or red mithrax crabs. We will send the snails in a damp paper towel.


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12 reviews for Astrea Snails

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Purchased a 25 pack , arrived healthy and hungry. Great price too!

  2. kcowpoke_2004 (verified owner)

    Brought some of these guys to work on some green algae on the glass of my tank, and to deal with a hair algae problem in my cousin’s tank. Very impressed with how quickly them and their ninja star buddies are clearing away the hair algae.

  3. Andy szekeres

    Bought 5 and got 8, they are a good size and are busy cleaning my tank. I have to say, the folks at Sea Life Inc impress me so much. From the way they pack to the way the put up with goofy requests.

  4. Todd Alvis (verified owner)

    Immediately started cleaning after adding to the tank and all survived the 2 day trip. Ken also added 4 extra, thanks!

  5. Tyler Matheny

    Ordered 5, received 8. The best snails you can get in my opinion. Quick adapting, good cleaners, and hermits don’t try to steal there shells.

  6. Aaron Schneider

    Ordered 4 received 6, fantastic little lawnmowers – they leave no algae behind and went to work within minutes of being acclimated to my tank!

  7. Josiah Hanson

    Best snail by far. They are small enough to get anywhere and they eat anything. Especially good for diatoms. And I’ve always gotten extra when I order. Ken’s the best.

  8. Tonya Fisher

    Ordered 3, received 6 – all were alive and active within minutes of placing into the tank.

  9. Lance Boudreaux

    Bought 5 recieved them all alive…Will buy more in a few weeks..

  10. Thai Tran

    Great snails always on the move on the rocks and glass!

  11. Diana Graves

    These snails are the best! They do all the work for you. Since I got mine, I barely have to clean the glass. My tank looks so different. At night they come out all over the glass of my tank and clean. The back of my tank had all this brown thick algae. It’s gone completely. All the spots I couldn’t reach, now are all clean. These are the snails you need. My tank not only looks better, but everything seems to be thriving.

  12. Red Angel

    Alive and well doing their Job thier snails what can you say …

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