Blackear Wrasse (Juvenile)


Care Level: Beginner

Minimum Tank Requirements: 30 Gallons

Diet: Carnivore

Reef Safe: Use caution with small invertebrates

Temperament: Peaceful

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Juvenile Blackear wrasses, Halichoeres poeyi, are bright green. They’re very neat in an aquarium because, like other wrasses, they constantly swim around the aquarium, propelling themselves with their pectoral fins, exploring the structures in the aquarium. Also similar to other wrasse species, the juvenile Blackear wrasse’s eyes move independently of each other. It’s enjoyable to watch their eyes move as they swim and to imagine what they’re looking at and thinking. They are less aggressive then wrasses sold in their supermale form, and therefore, get along with most fish and are an excellent choice for fish only aquariums. Nonetheless, they still will eat small invertebrates, so use caution when determining if Blackear wrasses are right for your reef aquarium.


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