Blue Angelfish

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Blue Angelfish , Holocanthus bermudensis, net caught in the Florida Keys. Blue angelfish look a lot like queen angels, but tend to have lighter blues, yellow markings instead of orange, and straight vertical stripes instead of curved ones. We can collect them up to 8″. Blue and queen angelfish will live a long time in an aquarium, and if you have a big tank, they will grow pretty big.  They will eat just about anything, but there are special foods on the market that will enhance their color and balance out their diet, so I would suggest that you switch foods occasionally to keep them looking their best.Small blues and queens will fight if kept in the same aquarium, so pick one or the other but not both.  Most of the larger angelfish from the Caribbean are not considered “Reef Safe” because they pick at corals and invertebrates, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about adding one to a tank with corals, clams, or sea anemones.

Small: 1.75 to <3 inches

Medium: 3 to <5 inches

Large: 5 to <7 inches

XL: 7 to 8 inches


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5 reviews for Blue Angelfish

  1. Gary Shurland (verified owner)

    First time ordering from here and defintely not disapoointed. Fish came in healthy and is doing great!!!

  2. Carol Anderson

    I have been totally satisfied with everything purchased from Sea Life but this Angel Fish was an exceptional fish. Shy at first and had to be rescued from my Carribean Tang but after moving around all the rockscaping and totally confusing everyone, the Angel fit right in. Eating immediately and within a few days, swimming all over the place. Color is beautiful and not a scratch or tear on it. I couldn’t be happier. The picture doesn’t come close to the gorgeous colors!

  3. Gerald Jeffers

    well its been about a year now the blue angel is about 8 inches and is very active …ken has the best value that you can get what a deal thanks

  4. Gerald Jeffers

    can not tell you how great a deal this fish is what a pretty fish..and nice size

  5. Michelle Vannoy

    This angel is awesome. It looks better than the picture. Angel arrived well packed and not the least bit stressed on arrival.

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