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Blue leg hermit crabs, Clibanarius tricolor, are the most popular algae grazing hermit that we sell. Our blue leg hermit crabs are a nice variety of sizes but we like to sell the larger ones that live in shells that are a 0.5 to 0.75 of an inch long. In case we don’t have a lot of md to lg blue legs, we will send a some extra blue legs along to make up for the smaller sizes. You will receive blue leg hermit crabs and we are currently are also finding some green metallic legged hermits along with the blue legs which are doing the same grazing as the traditional blue legs. You may find a few mixed in with your order. If you want only traditional blue leg hermit crabs please let us know.

They are very active and will aggressively attack most hair algae and other fleshy algae that live in your tank. These combined with sally lightfoot crabs, Emerald crabs, and astrea snails will keep your algae under control. Blue legs are very easy to care for and will eat anything presented to them. They will not attack other invertebrates but is something dies; they will dispose of anything that remains. We will send the blue leg hermit crabs wrapped in a damp paper towel for overnight shipping. Blue leg hermit crabs shipped via Priority Mail will be shipped in water.

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20 reviews for Blue Leg Hermit Crab

  1. johnjrconley (verified owner)

    Came in great shape with a few extras as well. Love how industrious they are.

  2. hazynmay (verified owner)

    Blue leg hermits are my all time favorite and the ones that KPaquatics sends have the most personality ever!
    I’ve found that red legs don’t clean much, they just sit in the water flow but blue legs are everywhere at once! They are awesome cleaners and don’t let anything go to waste.

  3. Jeanandal22 (verified owner)

    100 blue hermit crabs , all arrived alive and was shipped very fast and packaging was very good . Will buy again .

  4. robert (verified owner)

    Great crabs- you get more than you ordered and out of the 60 or so that I got (I ordered 50), only two shells were empty even with 2 day shipping. And, not as small as some other popular sites. Will buy again.

  5. Marcella

    Im not a fan of regular hermit crabs. They tend to bulldoze everything in my tank. BUT I love these hermits!

    They are a vivid blue and not super tiny like the ones my local store carries. They are very efficient and dainty no bulldozing going on.

  6. Richard Varone

    Received some extra, GREAT size, and they went to work right away, can’t ask for anything more.

  7. Andy szekeres

    As always great shipping, nice sized hermits and all got here alive! Thanks again!

  8. nicholas albanese

    Amazing hermit crabs! They immediately went to work on green hair algae and are the perfect size. Plus, I ordered 15 and got a few extra.

  9. julia berendt

    Awsome! I didnt even order any of these and recieved some FREE!! Much bigger and lighter brighter blue then the tiny blue leg hermits I’m used to seeing, when I put them in they immediately started attacking my hair algea!! will definately be back for more 🙂 THANK YOU! 🙂

  10. Todd Alvis (verified owner)

    Went to work immediately, healthy and active plus sent 6 extra. Thanks alot Ken. Can’t wait for my tank to mature so I can order more items.

  11. michael mattox

    All arrived alive and in good shape. These guys are not aggressive at all. when searching for a new home I have witnessed them on several occasions turn over a snail shell to see it is still occupied by a snail or another crab. Instead of killing it or fighting they just move on looking for an empty shell. they will clean your sand, rocks tirelessly eating algae and left overs. Great little hermits.

  12. Rachael Leslie

    This was my second time ordering from Sea Life Inc., and I was once again thrilled with my new critters. These crabs are beautiful, and there are several larger than the ones in my local fish shop. I ordered 20 and was given 24!!! When I put them in the tank, they immediately started to work cleaning thier new home. Thanks Ken! I’m a customer for life!

  13. Aaron Schneider

    Fantastic little guys, arrived in excellent condition and I received 9 instead of the 6 that I ordered!

  14. Oliver Puppel

    Ordered 3, got 6! These guys are great, and something different to look at from all the red-legs in my tank.

  15. timothy waddell

    great lil hermits. i love these for my nano. they are small enough that they wont bulldoze everything around. great workers
    thanks ken

  16. Christopher Sanchez

    More of less the same as the red hermits as far as behavior. The blue hermits seemed to spend more time on my gorgonia than on the rocks. Also not as active as the red hermits and a lot more shy than the red hermits. I still recommend them for diversity or if you just do not want the standard issue red hermit. – Chris

  17. connie nicholson

    great little critters very active great addition to clean up crew thank you ken another great product

  18. Richard Peterson

    Really cool, great addition to your tank’s cleanup crew and really active.

  19. Thai Tran

    Cool little critters that climb all over the place. I ordered about 15 of them after 2 weeks only about 8 left, they probably killed each other for shells.

  20. Red Angel

    Kind of cool look like little rocks that move around and clean our tank. Kids seem to like them.. Angel

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