Brown Short Spine Urchin

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The brown short spine sea urchin, Echinometra virides, is a common, offshore sea urchin found in the Florida Keys and throughout much
of the Caribbean.  In an aquarium it will constantly graze algae from your rocks and the walls of your tank. It’s non-aggressive,
and will not eat your corals or other non-mobile invertebrates.  Average test size is 1 inch in diameter, but it can grow up to about 2″ in diameter.


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4 reviews for Brown Short Spine Urchin

  1. Rachael Leslie

    Another great purchase. Arrived ready to chow down and immediately began exploring his new home. I’m one happy customer!

  2. Howard Weiner

    Purchased 3 of these guys and am very pleased with their size and ability to really clean a few of my rocks of undesirable microalgae. During the day they hide out and wedge themselves into cracks in the rocks and then come out at night and munch away at algae. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see them for awhile after introducing them to your tank as mine didn’t come out into the open for nearly a week.

  3. Gerald Jeffers

    these guys will clean your rock like you cleaned it with a tooth brush wow what a deal

  4. Richard Peterson

    Really cool to watch, great addition to the cleanup crew and really cool to feed!

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