Cave Basslet

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Care level: Expert

Minimum tank requirements: 65 gallon

Diet: Carnivore

Reef safe: No

Temperament: Peaceful, but territorial with own kind

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Dressed in beautiful red with yellow and blue distinctions, the Cave Basslet (Liopropoma mowbrayi) is a rare addition to your tank. It is found mainly in the deep waters of the Caribbean. Home to the Cave Basslet is in the deep and dark corners of the ocean. This fish needs lots of caves and rocks to hide amongst. Even though the Cave Basslet won’t eat coral, but it is probably not a good idea to put in a reef tank because it may prey upon small invertebrates and sometimes even feather dusters or tube worms.

The Cave Basslet can grow to be 3.5 inches long. This fish can make a good tank mate with other larger fish but it is best to only keep one of its kind per tank, as they will get territorial to the same species. Being a carnivore, the Cave Basslet enjoys live feeder fish, feeder shrimp and chopped meat, like shrimp, krill, crab or squid daily.

Even though it is beautiful and interesting to watch, the Cave Basslet is not recommended for beginner aquarium enthusiasts.

They are normally about 1.5 inches to 2 inches.

1 review for Cave Basslet

  1. paul dushay (verified owner)

    This fish was shipped excellent and came in great condition, was eating in the afternoon, great color and size for a rare deepwater basslet.

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