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This our favorite snail for our personal tanks which are very hardy and have the best all around capabilities. They are very capable

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You will receive a variety of cerith snails depending on the availability. We listed the different species below. Please note that these species do not crawl out of their tank compared to the Dwarf Cerith and they are around 2 to 3 times the size of Dwarf Cerith.

Florida Cerith snails, Cerithium floridanum.

Stocky Cerith snails, Cerithium litteratum.

Dark Cerith Snail, Cerithium atratum.

These cerith snail species are hardy algae eating snails that fill in the gaps left by some of the other algae eating snails and crabs.  In the wild we see them munching on diatom, detritus and a variety of algae. In our tanks they are extremely hardy and seem to feed on both green and brown encrusting algae. They “get along” well with the other snails and don’t bother corals or other invertebrates.  They also seem to like to bury in the sand and mud, so they are a great addition for a refugium.  Cerith snails are very capable of turning themselves from their back onto their natural position.These snails seem to be extremely hardy and will live for years in just about any aquarium system. The Florida Cerith snails grow to maximum size of around 1.5″ max where the other two varieties we sell tend to stay a little smaller and reach a maximum size of around 1 inch.

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7 reviews for Cerith Snail

  1. fishnshrimps (verified owner)

    Nice size, went to work pretty quickly.

  2. collinburwell2

    I received extra snails, and all the snails survived. They are very active and they burrow into the substrate.

  3. Ernest Shumway

    This is a great snail for a sandbed. Helps to keep the sandbed clean and stirred.

  4. Stuart Lewis

    This snail does a great job of cleaning the substrate. Very focused! It’s a good complement to the other snails that spend most of their time on the rock and glass. Made a difference almost immediately.

  5. Matt Pedersen

    Great looking Cerith Snails that like to stay out and about too!

  6. Neil Harvey

    Ordered two for my nano and received three, they went right to work on the substrate. It looks much cleaner just after 24 hours!

  7. Red Angel

    Alive and well doing their Job thier snails what can you say …

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