Common Sea Cucumber

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Common sea cucumbers, Holothuria impatiens, come in a variety of colors including, yellow, brown and gray. These are hardy, reef safe cucumbers that are used in reef systems and refugiums to eat left over foods and organic matter. The average size is about 3″” to 4″”, but bigger and smaller are available upon request. They don’t bother any other invertebrates, corals, or fish, and not much bothers them.

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4 reviews for Common Sea Cucumber

  1. Michael Berry

    These are the best cucumbers for cleaning up your sand bed. Unlike many cucumbers that slowly starve over time, these thrive in a reef tank and prevent cyanobacteria blooms in your sandbed. Every reef tank with a reasonable size sand bed should have 1 or more of these.

  2. Wayne Stuck

    Great cucumber. This guy was out and moving as soon as he was placed into my tank.

  3. Jonathan Baer

    (in my opinion) one of the coolest primary consumers. great deal i got it here for 1/3 the price of my local pet store.

  4. Red Angel

    Janiter in a tube cool, wish I had ordered a few more I could put some in all my tanks

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