Creole Wrasse


Care Level: Advanced

Minimum Tank Requirements: Juvenile- 30 Gallons; Adult- 60 Gallons

Diet: Carnivore

Reef Safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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Creole wrasse are beautiful fish that add color and complexity to an aquarium. They are bright pink to purple as juveniles and range to darker purple as they mature.They have bright  As a super male, they are purple, pink, yellow orange, blue, and black! Both the juvenile and intermediate Creole wrasse have iridescent blue spots along them. These fish will form schools in the aquarium so, it is really neat to have several in your aquarium. Juvenile Blue Chromis will also school with them. This behavior creates a very complex aquarium environment. Creole wrasse are very mildly mannered, getting along with other fish, corals, and most invertebrates. Unlike other wrasses, Creole wrasse will not bother most invertebrates because they primarily eat zoo plankton in the wild. However, this can make Creole wrasse difficult to feed in an aquarium. We feed our creole wrasses live brine shrimp with Aqua Tech SELCO Boost diet enrichment at first, and then wean them over to frozen mysis shrimp as well.


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