Cultured Sea Lettuce

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Care Level: Beginner

Minimum Tank Requirements: No Minimum

Diet: Supplements (Calcium, Magnesium etc)

Reef Safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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Sea Lettuce, Ulva lactuca, is a cultured product that is found in shallow waters up and down both the east and west coasts of Florida. It removes nitrates and phosphates and can be used to feed sea hares, tangs and some other invertabrates. We have found that it reproduces the best in high lighting and low flow areas. When you order our cultered sea lettuce, it is stuffed in a 4 inch bag that is at least 6 inches in length. We try to aquaculture it as much as possible.

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4 reviews for Cultured Sea Lettuce

  1. Cindy E Dailey

    Lots of pods in this! It will make my refugium and my tang very happy!

  2. Elliott Baer

    My yellow tank and coral beauty love this stuff. I must admit, it SMELLS BAD! It only smells outside of the water, not when its in the water. So dont get disapointed when you first open the package.

  3. Rick Pawlak

    The sea lettuce has doubled in quantity in my refugium within a month, despite several small harvests I’ve made to feed my tangs residing in the display tank.

  4. Barry McCool

    Bag was good size and several (10’s) of copepods. I put half in my main tank and half in refugium. My yellow Tang loves it.

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