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Dry Shelf Rock – Flat rock, limestone dry rock is a porous, light rock which has been fresh water cleaned and is ready to go in your aquarium. It is the same material as both the dry rock and live rock we sell. We have gone through great lengths to select nice pieces which are of high quality. Our shelf rock sizes are normally between 5″ and 9″ in length. Our shelf rock is a mix of single and double sided cuts.

The dry rock has been harvested  from land so it does not negatively impact any reef during collection. We only use the nicest pieces of rock to be sent to you. We hand select and pressure clean every rock (Miami Oolite – Calcium Carbonate Limestone) We thoroughly clean the pieces, dry them and package them securely. When you get the rock, you find that our rock will be very easy to aquascape with because of all the whole and crevices, it interlocks nicely. Not one rock will be same and all shapes are unique.

Add a package of  our Premium Live Rock to start your tank which was initially harvested dry in South Florida like the dry rock, but has been kept in the ocean until beautifully colored from coralline algae and corals and filled with beneficial bacteria.

KP Aquatics is offering dry rock as another option but we believe that our live rock is the best option for a healthy and stable aquarium due to its biological filtration capabilities.

How much rock should you buy? Well, it is up to you how full your tank should look like but we recommend 0.75 to 1 lbs per gallon. It just creates a lot of surface area for the beneficial bacteria to grow on.

This product will be shipped via Ground shipping and cannot be shipped with any other live products. It is normal for some small piece of rock to brake off which can used as rubble in your refugium or epoxied back in place. Our transport carrier is not insuring this product.

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