Dwarf Seahorse

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Care Level: Difficult

Minimum Tank Requirements: 10 Gallons

Diet: Carnivore

Reef Safe: No

Temperament: Peaceful



Dwarf Seahorse, Hippocampus zosterae, are a common shallow water species of Seahorses found throughout coastal Florida and the Caribbean.  They prefer sheltered bay waters or estuaries and are rarely found in open exposed areas. In an aquarium, they do quite well but require live food, so they are probably a more difficult critter to keep than most fish or invertebrates. The picture is very beautiful specimen but we don’t want to mislead anybody that all of the dwarf Seahorses are going to look like this. We can not take any color request but we will send you a nice variety. The most common live food used in captivity is newly hatched brine shrimp, but they will also eat copepods and other small “pods”. We recommend to keep 4 or more in tank. They are between 0.5 and 1.5 inches .

They should be kept in a smaller aquarium, with no other fish or shrimp present, and no anemones, corals, or mushrooms.  Small hermit crabs, snails, sponges, and other nano critters can be mixed with them, but they are very weak swimmers and even things like starfish can catch and eat them, so are on the side of caution.  Avoid power filters and strong aeration (use sponge filters). Corals and some organism on live rock can burn them. They really like hitching posts like gorgonians, sponges and stringy algae (Cheato, Caulerpa, etc).  Dwarf seahorses will breed regularly in captivity and the babies are fairly easy to raise on baby brine shrimp.

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Weight0.1 lbs
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Dwarf Seahorses

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8 reviews for Dwarf Seahorse

  1. Christina (verified owner)

    A great company and if you have questions they’ll respond and answer you

  2. Megan (verified owner)

    Love mine. KP Aquatics sent me 2 extra(although one passed in shipping, I blame UPS. I was outside when he brought it in and I was watching him flip the box around getting it out of the truck. Then when he saw I was out there, I think he noticed it said live fish.) All were eating by the end of the day. The remaining 7 are beautiful. 2 have changed black or green to camouflage, along with majority white and yellow. Every night my female has been swimming around for about 10 minutes at a time sucking up brine shrimp!

    Also, I’ve noticed the males remain more stationary, so if you notice a few not moving off one plant, see if they have a pouch.

    I will be purchasing more!

  3. Simon (verified owner)

    Don’t be fooled by your sense of “too good to be true”, because this is the real deal. VERY healthy, very active, very colorful, amazing deal, expert service, and fantastic specimens.

  4. Michael Phelps

    I ordered 3 pairs and Ken/Lara sent me 3 males and 4 females! They arrived well packed and there was no problems getting them adjusted to thier new home! As a matter of fact all 7 began eating pods within 15 minutes of finding good hitches in the grass! Thank you for the extra lil girl and thank you so much for sending two pregnant males!

  5. Richard Strieber

    I have placed many orders with Ken, He always ships quality specimens! Highly recommended.

  6. Felecia Williamson

    I have placed 3 separate orders:

    02/08/10 ordered 10
    02/23/10 ordered 6
    03/16/10 ordered 3 (today)

    I have not been disappointed yet. I was truly amazed at how healthy the horses were and began feeding immediately.

    Not to mention the various colors pastel green, charcoal, orange and many other colors.

    I highly recommend these tiny, cute, and precious dwarf seahorses for a dedicated hobbyist who is willing to go the extra mile to be sure that they are well fed live brine shrimp.

    I plan on placing another order in 2 weeks for more seahorses.

  7. Michelle Harrington

    I recieved 4 dwarf seahorses on 2/12/10. They are absolutely adorable. They arrived in great condition and they were packed very well for the cold weather. Thanks Ken for another great order.

  8. Candace Pike

    Beautiful, delicate little guys. They’re always breeding for me! As long as you have the dedication to keep up with their requirements, they’re very rewarding.

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