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The emerald crab, Mithrax sculptus, is one of the more popular herbiverous crabs on the market. Their dark, emerald green color makes them a fairly attractive crab, but it’s their algae cleaning habits that really make them popular. They are famous for their ability to remove bubble algae (valonia) which can plague a reef tank, but they also remove most other unwanted fleshy algaes that may grow in your tank. They are compatible with each other and with most other fish and invertebrates, including corals, sponges, and anemones. The average size we sell has a carapace length of about a half an inch, but bigger or smaller ones are available upon request for no extra charge.

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8 reviews for Emerald Crab

  1. Marcella

    I have had my share of emerald crabs over the many years of reefing but I have to admit, the ones I get rom Kara and Philipp are the hardest working of all. As soon as I put them in the tank they get right to working, no hiding at all. They are always in plain view. I always add one of these emeralds and a red mithrax to every order I place with them.

    So my advice to anyone order is to add a pair of these crabs, so well worth it! They are colorful, hard working and a nice size!

  2. Kim matheny

    Nice size crabs quickly went to work in my tank and now that they are adjusted come right out in the open. Would reccomend to keep the algea from overtaking things. Packaged well thank you Ken

  3. Josiah Hanson

    These crabs are the staple of algae control in my tank. They don’t touch coral and love the fleshy stuff. I highly recommend. I also think they are pretty sweet looking, but that’s just me. They have always survived 2-3 day shipping as well.

  4. Sharyn Z Wertz

    Marvelous two-fisted mini-munchers. Always picking away at the something.

  5. Jeff Davis

    Crab arrived in good condition after shipping priority and is already climbing the rock.

  6. Kim matheny

    Great cleaners, nice size and very active. I love to watch these guys!

  7. Adam Dotsey

    I’ve had these crabs before without any problems, but I just got one in today along with a mermans shaving brush, and I walk in to find the crab plucking the stalks off of the shaving brush! I’m happy to see the crab eating with 5 hours of being in the tank, but unhappy for him to be eating my new plant =/

  8. Marsha Schultz

    Algae eating machines! These little guys will keep your live rocks clean! Fun to watch, and will also take flake or pellet food when the algae is gone. Don’t seem to bother any fish or other invertebrates. Recommended.

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