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Feather Dusters, Sabellastarte magnifica, are very popular tubeworms that do very well in reef tanks

Feather Dusters, Sabellastarte magnifica, are very popular tubeworms that do very well in reef tanks.  They have a large crown of “feathers” that can be a couple inches in diameter and come in a variety of colors, usually reddish browns and white.  The worm itself lives in a flexible tube that it makes and when startled it will retract back into the tube and stay there for a little bit.  Occasionally it will drop its crown of feathers and grow a new one over a period of weeks.  They are easy to care for and will feed on detritus and any stray bits of food that drift their way.  They will stick their tube to the surrounding rocks, and even grow a new tube if they don’t like where they are at in the aquarium, so don’t be alarmed if they show up somewhere else at some point.

Tube worms do best when shipped FedEx overnight.

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8 reviews for Feather Duster

  1. floreycowers (verified owner)

    Opened as soon as I put it in the tank. One of the biggest feather dusters ive ever seen! Need to get a couple more for sure!!

  2. dsschnepp (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 got 5. One is struggling but the other 4 all have opened and are happy and healthy. Excellent price and amazing products! Will be ordering again soon.

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    Less expensive and better quality than Caribbean dusters I can purchase in my LFS! It was closed during the entire temp acclimation float but opened in my hand while I was placing it! I’ve never had that happen. Very happy with my purchase and wish I would have order one more! Thanks Philip and Kara!

  4. Perry Acosta

    Recieved healthy, nice size and opened within 15 minutes of adding to the tank.

  5. Justin Friske

    Really beautiful and healthy looking, he was out of his tube and enjoying the currents five minutes after arriving. Very satisfied with my order.

  6. Jonathan Baer

    This guy was opened in the bag, and I am very pleased with the size. Two thumbs up!

  7. Larry Ruiz

    Recived all my order in great shape. They were packaged extra well. Even got an extra Ricordia, a britttle star, and extra snails for FREE!!! Great service and shipping. Will definitly buy again. -Larry

  8. Barry McCool

    I ordered 3 and all 3 are slightly different in color. They all opened within hours of adding them.

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