Fighting Conch



Fighting Conchs, Strombus alatus, are a popular algae eating gastropod from Florida, primarily from the east and west coasts of Florida and not as common in the Keys.  The average size is about 2″ long but we sent them smaller and bigger depending on what we collected.

Although their name seems to imply that they fight. I’ve never seen them fight in our tanks, so I don’t think there would be a problem putting more than one in a tank.  Like other conchs, they are bottom grazers and will readily munch on most flashy algae.  They are too big and heavy to climb the tank walls, and it’s not too likely that they will be able to climb up on most rocks, so they would primarily crawl around on the bottom of the tank and eat whatever they find there (they will eat most foods that fall to the bottom).

To my knowledge they get along with other snails, clams, starfish, and most other reef tank inhabitants.  They are not carnivorous, so they will not attack and eat other tank mates.

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