Fluorescent Green and Purple Ricordea

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Fluorescent Green and Purple Ricordea is a stunning color variety of Ricordea florida from the Florida Keys.  The main body is a dark, fluorescent green with a bright green mouth in the middle, and the outer ring of tentacles is a deep purple.   The colors of the Fluorescent Green and Purple Ricordea are very rich and intense, and the polyps really glow in the right light.  These are larger polyps, averaging about 1.5” in diameter for the single mouthed polyps.

Fluorescent Green and Purple Ricordea polyps are great starter “corals” and add a nice splash of color to any reef tank.  They come from fairly shallow water and are photosynthetic, so they will thrive in a well-lit aquarium.  The will derive most of their nutrition from the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, but some sort of supplemental micro food will be beneficial to them.  The get along with other color morphs of Ricordea florida, so you can mix and match as you please.

Most ricordea will eventually attach to any clean substrate in your tank, or you can epoxy or superglue them to what ever you want.  They can take intense light, but will thrive in medium light conditions as well.  Sometimes you just have to experiment with the placement to get the best color results.

Ricordea reproduce primarily by division, so eventually the polyp will form two mouths and begin to divide.  Many people help this division process along by cutting them in half between the mouths. This may seem radical, but it works and they almost always survive the process.  If you are pondering doing this, I would suggest you do some more homework before you try it.

The two species of anemone shrimp from the Caribbean, Periclimenes yucatan and Periclimenes pedersoni, will readily take up residence on these ricordea polyps and provide an interesting show in your tank

Ricordea ship very well by priority mail and can easily survive a three or four-day ship time.

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26 reviews for Fluorescent Green and Purple Ricordea

  1. johnjrconley (verified owner)

    Amazing color, practically glows on the rock work!

  2. gpcaholt5657 (verified owner)

    Beautiful specimen. Vibrant colors popped immediately after placing into QT.
    Perfect packaging. It was hot out at 104 degrees and was concerned. But the box was perfectly prepared and shipped. Excellent!
    Thank you!

  3. Billy (verified owner)

    I ordered a single-mouth specimen and received one with three. Certainly can’t complain!

  4. dendemereckis (verified owner)

    I received a single mouth ricordea . Almost immediately, its size is 2 inches across after gluing it down and acclimation. ricordea’s are new to me, polyps are tiny, each only 1/16-in across. Maybe the picture can be misleading to most? Definitely adds more variety to my tank.

  5. tito Hinojosa

    Amazingly bright color right out of the bag, mostly green with purple edges. size about 2 inches. got a free steel blue zoo.

  6. brent nelson

    Amazing color, nice size, and they even sent a two mouth Ric at the one mouth price. This is the best deal on high quality Rics that I have found. What can I say, Sea Life Inc has never left me dissapointed. I will definitely purchase more!

  7. Richard Varone

    Shipped great, received a double mouth ric with AMAZING color! Plan on ordering a bunch more soon.

  8. Matthew Mason

    Awesome! Looks exactly like the picture and is a nice size. Fast shipping too.

  9. Zachary Ouellette

    Very nice ricordea, it matches the picture perfectly. The one i received has two mouths and came with an extra green one.

  10. robert murdy

    Awesome Ric. Ordered one and it had five mouths. Ken rushed my order and mailed it the same day due to the need on my part. Great products, awesome service and cheap shipping.

  11. Tim Depew

    Absolutly beautiful!,and very healthy,I ordered one,and recieved a double mouth,and an extra one ,I will be back for more!!!!

  12. michael mattox

    very green tips with lavender body and ring around edge. these are the fastest spreading ricordeas I have.

  13. Michelle Lee

    Everyone who looks into the tank is immediately drawn to this one. It glows like its radioactive!

  14. Elizabeth Eddie

    Gorgeous colors on these Rics…really healthy. Just Beautiful!! Thank you!

  15. Oliver Puppel

    I opened the bag to find a beautiful ricordea with 2 mouths! It was splitting! I will definitely buy more.

  16. Brian O’Shaughnessy

    This color is my girlfriend’s favorite ric in my tank. When she’s happy, I’m happy so I give this ric five stars!

  17. Jonathan Humphreys

    These are just spectacular. Amazing, unique combination of colors – and a steal at this price.

  18. Cindy E Dailey

    It started opening up while still in the bag! Very nice ric! Thanks Ken!

  19. John Little

    Beautiful colors on these rics. Some of the prettiest ones I have ever seen. Opened up to about 3-4″ after a couple of weeks. Just ordered some more and they are just as nice ,as always, Thanks Ken

  20. Chris Newton

    This is my first ric but won’t be my last! It really stands out with the purple/green color. It is expanded very often and really fluoresces under my lighting.

  21. jeffrey Doerr

    Beautiful ric polyps, couldn’t have aske for better!!!!

  22. Neil Harvey

    Had two mouths and the coloration is awesome….highly recommend!

  23. christie lo

    I received the most beautiful ricordia from Sea Life Inc- my blue and orange arrived in beautiful condition and what a wonderful surprise! it seems both have 2 mouths getting ready to split! Beautiful specimens for a wonderful value – you better believe I’m going to order again soon!

  24. Lori Walton

    GREAT SELLER! Mine has three mouths! getting ready to split! will buy from again

  25. Jonathan Humphreys

    Amazing color, just like the photo. Arrived in perfect shape.

  26. Red Angel

    Split on the way here, 2 great ricordea, wanders around till it finds a home

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