Foureye Butterfly

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The Chaetodon capistratus, are docile, easy to keep fish.  They enjoy small bits of mysis shrimp but are usually eating small pellet food by the time they are shipped out. These butterflies are a great addition to your tank! They can be picky with food choices

Small: 1 to 2 inches

Medium: 2 to 3 inches

Large: 3 to 4 inches

Please Note:  Any new fish purchased from us or from a local pet store should to be quarantined.  All fish from anywhere in the wild can be possible carriers of bacteria and protozoa that can lead to an infection in your system, so we always recommend that you use some sort of quarantine system prior to adding them to your system.  If you have a fish only system and can medicate the whole system, you may not need a separate quarantine tank.  If you have a reef system that cannot be medicated, a good ultraviolet sterilization system should prevent any kind of disease outbreak.  We medicate our system for bacterial infections and protozoans, but because we don’t always hold our fish for long periods of time, there is no way to be sure all the protozoan cysts have been killed.  A little bit of prevention will save you lots of trouble down the line.

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2 reviews for Foureye Butterfly

  1. ccpoynter (verified owner)

    I received a very robust specimen and couldn’t be happier. He’s eating well and is a great addition to my Florida Keys themed tank. I this is my second order from KP Aquatics and certainly won’t be my last.

  2. Matt Pedersen

    Received 7 of these for a breeding project and every fish arrived in exceptional condition despite being the middle of winter. Can be aggressive with each other, so if you try more than one, plan multiple QT tanks. Nutramar Ova, Rod’s Eggs, and Live Blackworms were accepted within 24 hours. By 7 days time, they were willing to try anything. Not the easiest of butterflies by any stretch, but it seems the Nedimyers give these guys the right treatment from collection to your hands – you’re starting ahead of the curve if you get your Four Eyes here.

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