Green Sea Pansy

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Care Level: Moderate

Minimum Tank Requirements: No Minimum

Diet: Calcium and other supplements

Reef Safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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Green Sea Pansy, Udotea flabellum, also known as the Mermaid’s Fan Plant is a somewhat common algae found throughout the Caribbean and Western tropical Atlantic. They are found primarily in shallow waters, but can occasionally be found as deep as 50′ or more. They will thrive in your reef tank or refugium and may go through die off and regrowth cycles. Each growth cycle can last for several months, and after they die off, the holdfast will send out a new shoot that will become a new “fan”. The “fan” is calcareous and is dark green. They require calcium to grow and to really strive in your tank. We normally collect them between 3 to 4 inches.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

7 reviews for Green Sea Pansy

  1. dendemereckis (verified owner)

    Mine arrived not as dark green as pictured. I sent Kara a picture, and she assured me its still healthy, explaining each varies in coloration. The dark green picture isn’t always representative. I understand by the description, the plant evolves over time; so she said should it be in its declining stage expect to find another new shoot from the bottom root.

  2. Felipe (verified owner)

    It’s beautiful and its started growing another in less than a month!!

  3. jvcasuso (verified owner)

    Nice dark green and unusual shape adds a lot of interest to the aquarium. Ordered two and both are beautiful specimens. As if that wasn’t enough, got a freeby Halmedia for good measure. Very happy!

  4. Jon Williams

    I am very satisfied with this sea pansy. It looks really awesome and Ken even threw in a freebie along with it.

  5. Rachael Leslie

    These are a great addition to any tank! They’re a beautiful deep green and make my little tank with only fish and live rock look like mini marine pool in the Keys! I ordered two and got three, one of which has an additional sprig shooting off the base! Thanks Ken!

  6. Josiah Hanson

    These things are BIG, well at least in my tank they look huge. Really nice dark green.

  7. Sharyn Z Wertz

    I got one of these in my very first order — not quite two months ago. It’s been moved at least half a dozen times since then, and still has about 5 “pups” along the top edge (one of which is nearly 2″ long), AND 4 new sprouts coming up from the holdfast. Am I a happy camper? YOU BETCHA! Thanks, Ken!!

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