Hairy Blenny


Care level: Advanced

Diet: Carnivore

Reef safe : Yes

Temperament: Territorial to same species

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The Hairy Blenny (labrisomus nuchipinnis)  Scaly Blenny, is definitely an interesting addition to your saltwater aquarium. This fish loves to blend in with it’s surroundings and therefore prefers to live in areas where they can easily hide. Favorite hiding places include rocks, beds of sea grass or reefs. Make sure to have plenty of these available in your tank to make your Blenny feel comfortable. In it’s natural habitat, the Hairy Blenny, has been found everywhere from super shallow water with only a few inches in depth all the way to depths reaching up to 33 feet.

The Blenny can grow to be 6 inches long. The interesting thing about the Hairy Blenny is that in this fishes case males and females have different features and coloring. For this particular fish genus, males are more brightly colored then females. Males range from yellow to green to nearly black with a red belly. However, wether male or female you can always identify a Hairy Blenny based on it’s large bulging eyes, blunt head and the distinctive dark spot on the upper gill cover.

These fish make good tank mates with anything too large to eat. They will become very territorial with it’s own kind. These little carnivores will feed on almost anything that sill fit in their mouth. The Hairy Blenny enjoys everything and anything from small crustaceans, brittle stars, worms, sea urchins, gastropods to any kind of small fish.

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