Hairy Bubble Tip Corallimorph – St. Thomas Mushroom

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Bubble tip corallimorphs, also called warty corallimorphs, and St Thomas Mushrooms, Discosoma sanctithomae, are an interesting corallimorph that seem to be a cross between a ricordea and a discosoma mushroom. They come in a variety of shades of green or blueish colors and have differing colors and types of tentacles (this is not a yellow St. Thomas, it just happened to be the picture we took). Most of the time they are green too but the biggest difference between the Lime Green Warty are the tentacle shape.

All of the corallimorphs we sell are extremely hardy and are great for any level of reef keeper, from the novice to the pros. They are primarily photosynthetic, but should be fed some sort of supplemental planktonic foods. In the wild they eat the organic dust and silt that settles on them, so when feeding them, dust them with food.

The two species of anemone shrimp from the Caribbean, Periclimenes yucatan and Periclimenes pedersoni, will readily take up residence on these discosoma polyps and provide an interesting show in your tank

These are loose polyps and are not attached to any significant amount of substrate. They will eventually attach to any clean substrate in your tank, or you can epoxy or superglue them to what ever you want.

As with all corallimorphs, anemones, zoanthids, and corals, be careful handling them in and out of the water. They produce stinging cells that can sting your hands and irritate your eyes, so use gloves if you’re sensitive to their sting, and don’t let the mucus get in your eyes.

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4 reviews for Hairy Bubble Tip Corallimorph – St. Thomas Mushroom

  1. voupex (verified owner)

    Mine arrived looking white but a decent size and seems to be doing well. It still looks white even with great lights I have but I like it. I think it is even growing.

  2. robert

    Great looking shroom- nice colors and a good size. Great price compared to stores and with 2 day shipping, everyone should get one.

  3. Shaun Burgess

    Very cool looking, I got one that looks similar to the picture! It’s attached itself to a piece of my Live Rock after a couple days already. Very enjoyable to have and a nice addition to any tank.

  4. Michelle Lee

    Mine turned out to be more green than orange. However the specimen is happy and healthy and thats what really matters. Floresces really nicely under blue leds too!

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