Hairy Chitons

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5 reviews for Hairy Chitons

  1. fishnshrimps (verified owner)

    Very neat animal! Should be resistant to a lot of predators, which is nice. One potential flaw; they will apparently climb out of rimless tanks. I found mine on the floor, shrunken up to about 2/3 its normal size, which I don’t think is something they can normally do. I did, however, put it in a non-rimless tank just in case, and a couple days later it’s now climbing up the wall. Hardy little sucker!
    I’d recommend keeping one of these, unless you have a rimless tank. Chitons tend to stay in one patch and keep that patch spotless, so they’re more of a novelty than a general tank cleaner, but they do make a nice novelty.

  2. ron.hudson (verified owner)

    I am perhaps most excited by these fellows out of all the animals that I purchased last time. You were very generous in your coverage of potential shipping problems and you sent extra animals besides the ones that I ordered. They remind me of prehistoric trilobytes (Is that the right name?) and they meander very slowly on the rock, eating algae once the lights go down. I have not seen them bother any of my corals or other inverts. They are just really cool animals to see in a tank.

  3. Lazyfishbd7737 (verified owner)

    Ordered one sent two. One is huge! Very intresting critter. Not many people keep them in stock it’s a pitty. They move very slowly and eat various algaes. Rather sinsitive to nitrates do best in well established system. Be very careful not to damage the fleshy mantle when taking them out the bag damage to the mantle can cause death to the animal. They like to flaten out and stick like a powerfull suction cup they can be difficult to remove once attached.

  4. Steph30aydenb (verified owner)

    Very cool. A lot bigger than I imagined he would be. Interesting to watch move slowly about the tank cleaning. not acclimate in anything they can suck onto. They are impossible to remove from something once they cling. It was a battle of wills after my blunder but I now have him happily residing in my tank and I love him!!

  5. Todd (verified owner)

    This is one of the coolest critters I’ve ever seen, pictures don’t do justice. The one I received isn’t drab at all, I see some pink and blue coloration, probably my led’s helping out. His shape reminds me of a US Navy LCAC (google it)

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