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Hairy emerald crabs are the reef variety of the common Mithrax sculptus crabs that are used for bubble algae control. Although they are probably a different species than sculptus, they pretty much look and act the same as sculptus, and can serve as a substitute.  The carapace is a lighter green, and the legs are dark and very hairy, as seen in the picture.

Like the other common mithrax crabs, these crabs eat algae, not coral and anemones, so they are reef compatible.  They will also readily eat foods presented to them or that thy find lying on bottom so they are real easy to take care of.  As with other mithrax crabs that we sell, we tend to ship just the smaller ones that are in the 0.5 to 0.75 inch range.

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7 reviews for Hairy Emerald Crab

  1. rebecca.y.tinsley (verified owner)

    He arrived alive and well packaged. I thought he might be been dead as he likes to play dead if he’s been caught in the open. Easy to pick him up and put him in my macro. Hopefully he’ll eat it all so o won’t have to throw it away. Currently he’s hiding in the rocks. He’s my favorite invert.

  2. jvcasuso (verified owner)

    Ordered one and received two. Thank you K and P! Both arrived very well and active. Immediately upon being introduced to their new home then began tidying up. It is funny to watch them eating as they pick something with their claws and take it to their mouth. Not that that is funny in itself but what is, is that it doesn’t appear that anything is in the claw.

  3. Mike Ellis

    i love it. it came in alive and well. its quite the character. along with that it immediately began eating. and imean devouring anything edible.

  4. Brian Kalbacher

    The big difference between Sea Life Inc. and other dealers is that the livestock from Sea Life actually survives and thrives. The ricordea, zoanthid and mushroom colors are fantastic. The livestock are hardy and beautiful; exactly as described and often nicer. I had a cyanobacteria outbreak and almost used a harmful additive as a quick fix. Instead, I ordered a crew of crabs, ceriths, urchins, astrea, and sea lettuce. Within a week the red slime had been consumed, my nitrates were under control, and my tank was thriving. Problem solved naturally.

    The prices, quality of livestock, and customer service are outstanding. Thanks so much!

  5. Tyler Matheny

    Ordered two and one was dead but the other was as lively as it could be and went right out and started cleaning in my tank. Great little crab and I will order another sooner or later.

  6. Jonathan Baer

    It arrived dead, but you cant expect everything to live through shipping. I am just glad they offer a guarentee! At least it was a good size 🙂

  7. Thai Tran

    Great algae eater!! After acclimating I dropped it in main tank and it started eating right away. I rarely see it as its always hiding somewhere.

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