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Knobby Sea Rods in the genus Eunicea sp are a fairly common, shallow water gorgonia found in South Florida and throughout the Caribbean.  I don’t have the exact species of this particular specimen and it’s difficult to distinguish between several species in this genus that look like this, so I’m just calling it a generic “knobby sea rod” in the genus Eunicea.  This is a particularly hardy species that I have sold for a long time that seems to do especially well in most reef tanks.  The tan brown color of the body of the colony gives way to a deep chocolaty brown color when the polyps are extended, and the whole colony becomes fat and fuzzy.  The individual polyps themselves are really big and it’s a cool gorgonia to look at when it’s opened up.  Most of the colonies we sell are single stalks like this that are about 6″ to 8″ tall.  Some will be branched, but most have not started to branch yet.  Adult colonies can grow to over a foot long with multiple branches.  If yours starts to get too big, it can be safely pruned and the cuttings can be planted elsewhere.

As with most shallow water gorgonia, all the species in this genus are photosynthetic, so good lighting is recommended to keep it in optimal health.  Supplemental feeding with some sort of planktonic, small particle food is also required to maintain this gorgonia. If you gently “dust” the open polyps with food they will catch and eat the little bits of food and it’s pretty neat to watch them feeding on the little particles that land on them.

The colony will do best if mounted onto a rock in your tank so that they don’t fall over and rub against things.  I have used a variety of quick setting epoxy putties in the wild and at the shop nd have had good luck with them, and have also used gel super glue with equally good luck.  They like currents and they like light, so keep that in mind when you pick a spot to mount it.

We have started to also get frags from colonies in the ocean which means it is possible that you will get a gorgonian on a frag plug. It just depends where I went diving and what was available.

Nano: 2 to 4 inches

Normal: >4 to 8 inches

Large: >8 to 12 inches

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9 reviews for Knobby Sea Rod Gorgonian

  1. meli1997 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Now, I did not get the single knobby stalk as in the pic. I contacted KP Aquatics and received a prompt response explaining I received instead a subspecies of the typical knobby sea rod, which is more branching and smooth. I am SO glad I did. It looks great! And even better, my seahorses LOVE it! It’s their favorite hitching post, especially at night when lights go out. Full polyp extension within one day. It now looks very fuzzy, cactus-like. Definitely planning on getting another. Thanks KP!!

  2. devaji108 (verified owner)

    fun lil gorg. for sure, a must have if your into gorgs. or just want something easy and different in the tank. big polyps not a bright color coral but still very attractive.

    for in tanks pics look here:
    always nice to see them in tanks right just thought I would share.

  3. Amanda

    This was a nice little surprise with my order! I ordered two other gorgonians and this little guy was an extra! It is so neat when all of the polyps are extended. It has a somewhat chocolate look too it. I love it! Kara and Philipp are fantastic!

  4. michael cullinan

    Much nicer then pic. polyps extended right away. highly recommend doing a group buy.

  5. Phyllis Crubaugh

    Better than the picture by far! They opened almost as soon as they were placed in the tank and were rewarded with some Coral Frenzy and Marine Snow which they chowed down on- cool to watch. I will be getting a few more in the future as they would be very nice in a colony. My thanks yet again!

  6. Patricia Husband

    I ordered one of these and received two. One is a knobby sea rod and the other is smooth with the polyps in and white. I think it’s some sort of split pore. I love them both and they arrived in beautiful shape and doing very well. I have become quite the gorgonian freak thanks to Ken and crew. I must have about a dozen now.

  7. Joe Faszl

    Really nice rods. Opened up right away and are quire spectacular.

  8. Sharyn Z Wertz

    Ordered one, got two! *Very* nice. Both started opening up within minutes of being put in the tank. These are sure to be stunning when all the polyps are fully open!

  9. Rick Pawlak

    These are outstanding! I have a variety of gorgonians that I received from Ken, including two of these knobby sea rods. These are among my favorite. I’ll be adding more to my reef.

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