Lancer Dragonet


Care level: Advanced

Diet: Carnivore

Reef safe: Yes

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The Lancer Dragonet (Paradiplogrammus bairdi) is a super rare addition to your aquarium if you can get your hands on one. This particular dragonet also goes by Bairdis Dragonet, St. Helen Dragonet, or Coral Dragonet. This fish is found predominantly in the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It can be found in great differences in depth ranging anywhere from 1-91 meters.

The Lancer Dragonet may sometimes be overlooked especially by sport divers since they love to live in areas that seem without any life. They always dwell in sandy and rubble bottoms close to reefs or nestled somewhere in a sea grass bed.

These dragonet can grow to be 2 inches long. They are a sexually dimorphic species where one gender is always bigger than the other and the male’s fin is always erect. These carnivores enjoy to feed on mysis, zoobenthos, brine shrimp, different invertebrates or cyclops.  When we send them they are about 1 inch long.


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