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Lettuce sea slug, we either collect Elysia clarki or Elysia crispata. They are very popular, reef safe, sea slugs that eat algae from the walls and rock surfaces of your aquarium.

Elysia Clarki Diet: Bryopsis, Penicillus, Halimeda

Elysia crispata Diet: Halimeda, Penicillus






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14 reviews for Lettuce Sea Slug – Lettuce Nudibranch

  1. floreycowers (verified owner)

    WOW! After an acclimation they went to town on bryopsis I had been saving to feed them. My new obsession in the tank! Little bits of curly kale that cruise around your aquarium, yes please!

  2. hazynmay (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 revived 3! Good thing I guess because one got sucked into the pump… 🙈 anyway that got fixed quickly and the others are absolutely my favorite inverts

  3. m9a9r9k9o9 (verified owner)

    Excellent guys for bryopsis control if you don’t want to or fail with chemical methods. Ordered a couple of times and always get the right species, and healthy – the only reason I needed to reorder was when they detach and go for a swim they occasionally land on one of my large fungias and get eaten.

  4. Marcella

    This is the second time I ordered this lettuce sea slug. The first time I ordered two and one was yellow like the picture and the other was yellow white with neon green.

    This time I received a really healthy frilly white one. Im sitting about 10 feet from my tank and I can see this guy cleaning away!

    Again I have to praise the quality of sea life Kara and Philipp send to their customers. I have bought some of these at local stores in the past and none were as lively and healthy as the ones from KPaquatic.

    This is another little guy that I would just add to my cart if I am ever ordering from them. Always on the move cleaning my glass, better than the snails! If you have never had one of them before they are quite entertaining when they decide to detach the float around and look like ballerinas until they get to their next feeding destination.

  5. David (verified owner)

    I have been keeping Elysia clarki, the common lettuce slug of the keys for some time now. I received a small group of them from KP Aquatics a few months ago, and they have been feeding, laying eggs and generally thriving. After I recieved the clarki, I mentioned to Kara that I was interested in E. crispata as well. I forgot about it, then received an email from Philipp that they had collected some crispata, so I jumped on the opportunity. The crispata were absolutely gorgeous, and have done very well in their new home.
    I would definitely recommend the slugs of either species to anyone who has a good growth of green macroalgae or hair algae in a low-flow tank.

  6. Andy szekeres

    Great little adds to the tank. Dropped them in and they went right to work. Cannot beat the price.

  7. Moses Taryanik

    They are awesome little fellas! I had one for a very long time, cleans algae very well and are very interesting to look at. Just cover your pump intakes as I lost mine because it got sucked into a powerhead!

  8. Ben Willis

    Cool little fellow. Immediately climbed on one of my hermit crabs and started to clean….. hasn’t stopped since.

  9. michael mattox

    Very good cleaners, will eat bryopsis hair type algae. Not many other critters eat this stuff, so this is a great critter to have, strictly herbivores. Also very pretty to look at.

  10. Joe Faszl

    The picture does not do this justice. The green color and wild frilly edges are most entertaining to watch.

  11. Dennis Ednalino

    Got this in today….really neat to watch and quickly attached itself on the glass and is cleaning. Great little sea slug !!!

  12. Red Angel

    Neat greenery that moves and cleans my tank at the same time, nothing seems to bother them but my snowflakes look a lot they think its strange looking I guess. great janiter I give it 2 thumbs up!! Angel

  13. Eugene Turek

    Excellent glass cleaners!! These little guys got to work cleaning the inside of the tank glass! Excellent addition to our slatwater tank.

  14. Melita Mitchell

    Cuta little fllows. Add visual interest to my tank.

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