Mantis Shrimp – Neogonodactylus curacaoensis


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Neogonodactylus curacaoensis is one of the small mantis shrimps that we occasionally collect here in the Keys.  The ones that we get are usually in between 1 inch to 2 3/4 inches in lengh. Contact us if you want to know what sizes we have available because a 1 inch mantis will grow up but may not be suitable for your tank.
Mantis shrimp are very aggressive and are usually reserved for a species only tank.  I would not recommend mixing them with any other fish, shrimp, crab, or thin-shelled snail.  I would also not recommend handling them.  For more information on mantis shrimp, go to Dr. Roy Caldwell’s excellent site dedicated exclusively to mantis shrimp.  Click or copy and past this link to go directly to this shrimp on his site:

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