Mantis Shrimp, Neogonodactylus oerstedii

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This type of mantis shrimp is very hardy and active. The ones that we get are usually in between 1 inch to 2 3/4 inches in length. Contact us if you want to know what sizes we have available because a 1 inch mantis will grow up but may not be suitable for your tank. They can be a variety of colors, from a light cream, to a brighter green with a checkered sort of pattern.  We find them in shallow grass flats and shallow rubble area.  They are smasher mantis shrimp. Mantis shrimp are very aggressive and are usually reserved for a species only tank.  I would not recommend mixing them with any other fish, shrimp, crab, or thin-shelled snail.  I would also not recommend handling them.  For more information on mantis shrimp, go to Dr. Roy Caldwell’s excellent site dedicated exclusively to mantis shrimp.  Click or copy and past this link to go directly to this shrimp on his site:

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5 reviews for Mantis Shrimp, Neogonodactylus oerstedii

  1. collinburwell2

    The first mantis shrimp I ordered died after acclimation, but customer service was excellent, and KP aquatics was very accommodating , generous, and honest. They helped figure out what went wrong and this time the mantis shrimp survived. It took food and it seems to be behaving normally. Packaging was perfect.

  2. Nathan (verified owner)

    This species is hardy, curious, and just a great all around mantis for someone looking for an easy to care for option. Packing was again top notch and, as with all their shipments, K & P threw in a bunch of extra snails and stuff that I greatly enjoyed. Can’t beat the service, and I love that they carry several of the more interesting species of mantis shrimp. Unless you’re looking for an O. Scyllarus, this is the best place to find an awesome mantis.

  3. willinc (verified owner)

    My Mantis arrived curled up in the bottom of the bag and later died. Even though this was tragic the customer service was great.

  4. David Sohn

    Awesome experience with Sealifeinc. I was looking for a special mantis shrimp, O.Havanensis, and emailed Kara and Phillipe. When they got one in, they remembered my request and emailed me. I ordered a few more things with the mantis shrimp but overall it was not a big order.

    Surprise surprise then with the first class treatment thereafter. Shipping on the exact day I specified. Emails prior to shipping to confirm order as well as after shipping for FYI. Hand picked mantis shrimp for activity level. And even a neat little freebie gorgonia.

    Everything looks great and healthy, and the experience with this company has been first rate. Really really happy, and will go back to them for future needs.

  5. Fernando Smith

    This mantis is very active and not shy. I just got mine a day ago and wow it was really healthy, active, not scared of anything. It took food immediatly after being acclimated. I’m very happy that I got this one. Kara can pick out really nice mantis when you ask for a specific color. As for the packaging it’s amazing. Everything is great. Thanks Philipp and Kara.

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