Gold Banded Coral Shrimp – Mated Pair

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Mated Pair of Gold Banded Coral Shrimp Stenophus scutellatus. These shrimp don’t get bigger than 1.5″. You will receive specimens of around 1″.

Collected as a pair and kept together in a small space to ensure that they are 100% a pair. We ship them in separate bags to ensure that they are both not perishing if one might molt in the bag during shipping. When you receive them, please make sure that you watch them closely when you receive because they tend to forget who they were mated with and might go after each other in the beginning. We also recommend to release them in separate corners of the tank. If they lose a claw, they will regenerate them with the next molt.

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3 reviews for Gold Banded Coral Shrimp – Mated Pair

  1. Patricia Husband

    I ordered a pair of these guys a while back and had to wait a while for them to appear in the catalog so I could leave a review. These are cool little shrimp and mine have become quite brave and visible as they adapt to the tank and feeding schedule. They are also prettier than the larger white and red BCS (IMO). My little female has been full of eggs twice that I know of. Ken and crew consistently deliver nice, quality livestock with every order. Thanks guys.

  2. Jessica Tseng

    I just received my live rock via overnight priority…The rocks are amazing…covered with coralline algae, came with 2 brittle stars, a mini sea cucumber, seaweed attached, a small white clam, lots of shrimp, a crab, and a tiny tiny sea urchin. I really felt like I got a piece of the ocean delivered to my door. There is no comparison to the dead rock sitting in the local fish stores and I have visited at least 6 of them here in the area. Thanks so much Ken!

  3. Christopher Sanchez

    I acquired a mated pair. One of the pair died a few months later but the other is doing well. I deduct one rating because of their temperment, I can not add another one to regain a pair or just have more than 1. Also, I deduct another rating the golden BCS are far more shy than the white BCS. This would be the trade off for the coloration. Otherwise a great alternative to the standard issue white CBS or cleaner shrimp.

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