Red Banded Coral Shrimp – Mated Pair

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Mated pair of Red Banded Coral Shrimp. Collected as a pair and kept together in a small space to ensure that they are 100% a pair. We ship them in separate bags to ensure that they are both not perishing if one might molt in the bag during shipping. When you receive them, please make sure that you watch them closely when you receive because they tend to forget who they were mated with and might go after each other in the beginning. We also recommend to release them in separate corners of the tank. If they lose a claw, they will regenerate them with the next molt.

Females may be brooding eggs.

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1 review for Red Banded Coral Shrimp – Mated Pair

  1. Bernardo H Cuadra

    This pair of shrimp is probably the thing in my order I liked the most, they were shipped in two seperate bags right next to each other, they are absolutely beautiful together & they seem to be getting along great in my tank. You can see their long antennas when they’re hidding sticking out, but they dont seem to too shy!

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