Red Lima Shrimp


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Red Lima shrimp, Microprosthema semilaeve.  These are very small shrimp with a maximum size of less than .5″, so unless you have a nano or pico tank, they will most likely get lost.  In the wild they prefer to hide under rocks, so don’t be surpirsed if they disappear under something in your aquarium. They like to host up with flame scallops. We have seen lima shrimp in white coloration which we are assuming that they might hosted up with white scallops.
All that said however, they are really cool little shrimp and seem to do well in aquariums.  We usually see these shrimp as pairs in the wild, and can often get one of them, but because they are small and secretive, it’s really hard to get both.  They aren’t agressive and I don’t think they mess with corals, anemones, or other tank mates, but they will become food for most fish or other shrimp, so be careful what you mix them with.  They readily eate small pellet foods, so they aren’t difficult to keep.


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