Mermans Shaving Brush

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Care Level: Moderate

Minimum Tank Requirements: No Minimum

Diet: Trace Elements

Reef Safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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Merman’s shaving brush, Penicillus pyriformis, is a common, shallow water marine algae found throughout the Caribbean and Tropical Atlantic. As it’s name suggests, it looks like an old fashioned shaving brush. It really adds a nice touch to any kind of aquarium and it normally left alone by most fish but it can get a “hair cut” by a hungry sea urchin. This macroalgae actually helps to reduce nitrates and phosphates but also requires supplemental feed with trace elements. Most customers plant them in their sand bed or you can also add them to your refugium.


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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

12 reviews for Mermans Shaving Brush

  1. Felipe (verified owner)

    They add so much personality to the tank and they were in great condition.

  2. jvcasuso (verified owner)

    Really healthy and vibrant green. Ordered 2 and received three! What a deal!

  3. michael cullinan

    very nice specimens received my seahorses love to hitch on them.

  4. Travis Wood

    I ordered 2 of these and they also sent me 1 pine brush. I love little bonuses! It’s in my tank now. Makes me want to order something else just to see what you guys throw in. I’ll be back!

  5. Rachael Leslie

    These are wonderful! I ordered three and was given four! They really bring a lot of wonderful, natural color to my tank. I forsee many more orders in my future!

  6. Thomas Le

    i ordered 1 msb but got 2 plus 2 additional christmas tree brushes and a blue leg hermit…what generosity! way more than i expected…thanks again ken!

  7. Elliott Baer

    I ordered 3 of these, I received 4 large MSB’s and 2 small ones. Ive ordered from this sight multiple times, and everytime I cant believe the quality of everything.

  8. Tom Johnson

    I ordered a couple of these and they arrived perfect, better than local fish stores, and even got a couple of extra ones with order, Sea Life is the best, they’ve got my business and can’t wait to order again.

  9. Angel Paul

    I ordered a few of these for my display and was even sent an extra one. They look good and shoot up others as the main one dies back. I even had one shoot up a double one. I will deffinately order more of these for my other tanks.

  10. connie nicholson

    ordered 2 got 3 great size love them everyone needs to order at least one next will be the fans

  11. Neil Harvey

    Ordered one and two was sent. Both were enormous, app 6-7 inches above substrate. They really give the tank some diversity!

  12. emmanuel delacruz

    I received my shipment the next day and in very good condition. Very happy with this product. Not only it reduces nitrates and phosphates, it also looks good in your tank.

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