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Basket starfish, Astrophyton muricatum, are an unusual starfish found throughout Florida and the Caribbean. By day they are usually a tightly coiled into a ball hidden under a rock, or clumped up on a gorgonian, but by night they open up into a mass of waving arms that feed on plankton. They can get quite big, but we select smaller ones that are more suitable for most aquariums. The average size we sell open up to about 4″ and have a central disk that is about an 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter.

Basket stars are easy to care for and will actively feed on most foods at night when the lights are out. They can be coaxed into feeding during the day, but they are nocturnal feeders so that would be the best time to feed them.

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3 reviews for Basket Starfish – Micro

  1. Dane (verified owner)

    This starfish is awesome-eats frozen mysis 3 times a week and has been thriving in my reef tank for close to 2 years now. Easiest thing to take care of. Would love to post a picture

  2. Steph30aydenb (verified owner)

    Got three of these. They shipped an extra so 4! :). Curious about how they will fare in the long run but so far are amazing. They are beautiful and happily curled up at the moment on there own gorgonians (also purchased from KP). Acclimated them for three hours but they seemed to have adjusted beautifully so far. Really hoping for the best. The livestock from KP is always amazing!

  3. Amanda (verified owner)

    Theses are the coolest stars! Each little extension that branches off the main legs move independtly! It is one of my favorite things to watch in my tank!

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