Harlequin Serpent Starfish – Nano

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Harlequin serpent stars, Ophioderma appressum, are very attractive starfish that are suitable for any reef tank, including nano reef tanks. There is quite a bit of color variation in this species, but we try to stick with the ones that look like the one in the picture with white and dark gray-banded legs. This is a nano/pico reef sized specimen with a body that is smaller than a pea and legs about 0.75 inches to 1.5 inches long.

These serpents are real easy to take care of and really require no special care at all. They will usually be hiding under rocks during the day, but as soon as you put food in the water they will come out and actively feel around for food. These starfish will eat anything that gets past your fish, shrimp, and crabs, and they’re especially good at finding all those lost food particles that fall behind and under the rocks, so you don’t have to worry about stray bits of food fouling the water. They also respond well to directed feeding if you’re inclined to do that, but it isn’t necessary in most cases.

These starfish can be safely shipped by priority mail, but overnight is always the preferred method of shipping.

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6 reviews for Harlequin Serpent Starfish – Nano

  1. jvcasuso (verified owner)

    Very pretty, very active. Placed them into the aquarium yesterday and they disappeared. Didn’t know what to think when I looked at the aquarium this morning but when I fed the inhabitants, out from the live rock popped a couple of black and white legs followed by the rest of the them. Snatched some Mysis and as quickly as they appeared, they were again gone.

  2. Brett (verified owner)

    Ordered one of these guys. Very active and healthy. Always a pleasure watching them come out to eat.

  3. Scott Engel

    Very active for a small Serpent, colorful and fun to feed by hand it takes shrimp out of my fingers.

  4. Andy szekeres

    This may become my new fav in my tank. Really pretty and active.

  5. jeffrey Doerr

    Awesome little starfish Very neat looking better than the pic!!!!

  6. Neil Harvey

    Very cute little starfish, perfect for a nano. Mine was a green striped harlequin.

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