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This is a Nano/Pico sized pin cushion urchin, Lytchinus variegatus from the Caribbean. They come in different colors and are excellent algae eaters. They also like to carry things around on top of themselves, probably for protection.

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8 reviews for Pin Cushion Urchin – Nano

  1. kcowpoke_2004 (verified owner)

    Very cool critter. Hung around on the front of the tank for a day collecting dwarf cerith snails, then headed to the live rock. It’s a game of hide-and-seek everyday to see where he’s hanging out at. Right now Petey seems to be rather fond of an artificial plant in the back of the tank. Likes to hide under the leaves. Very fun to watch his little spines and tube feet waving around.

  2. Joseph (verified owner)

    perfect and healthy, Thank you

  3. Marcella

    Last year I placed an order with KPAquatics and this little nano sized guy wasnt in stock. I even emailed Kara to see if maybe they had one and wasnt listed. Nope 🙁
    BUT when I received my order I saw one bag that I thought had just water thankfully I looked harder and there in the bottom corner of the bag was a pea sized white sea urchin! They went out and found a tiny one and sent it for free with my order! (Normally the nano sized are bigger than this.)

    This guy was so tiny I was worried that he would get lost or not survive in my tank. Ha! I should have known better. Over a year later and he is so healthy and a little bigger than a ping pong ball. Beautiful white color and has purple tips. Very active happy guy and we love to see its wavy little tentacles sticking to the glass and stealing bits of rubble and shells as it rolls by. Great addition to any tank!

  4. Richard Andres

    I have orded two of these in the past, one was purpleish and the other I just received was solid white. A unique find because you never see this size at the LFS. Exactly as described, highly recommend, especially for the price!

  5. Sharyn Z Wertz

    These little guys are a hoot! Constantly on the go, day and night, and growing like weeds. They’ve doubled in size in less than a month!! I’ve had to “rescue” several snails and hermits that were taken hostage . Right now, the larger of the two (maybe a little over 2″ diam.) is trying to pull a piece of rock (that’s larger and heavier than he is!) up the side of the tank. Silly urchin! LOL

  6. Candace Daitch

    I’m one of the rare reefers who don’t like corraline in their tanks, so I ordered one of these little guys…. he’s grown SO MUCH in a couple months and is a lovely shade of pink (from his diet I assume), very active and out and about all the time (my pincushions are rarely seen). However he is a little bulldozer and what he doesn’t knock over he wears around the tank, righ tnow he’s sporting a neon green toasdstool!


    If you don’t like coralline algae in your nano setup, this is the guy! 🙂 I am starting to supplement w/ seaweed to help keep them away. VERY interesting to watch though. Worth keeping.

  8. Wayne Stuck

    Very nice. After acclimation, my urchin was moving about my reef tank as soon a he was placed inside. Very please and would highly recommend.

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