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Nano Red Tree Sponges, Ptilocaulis sp, are a fairly common sponge from Florida and the Caribbean characterized by their bright red and orange color and tree like shape.  We collect two main species, on of which has rough sides and is found along the reef line, and one that has smooth sides and is found inshore and in the Gulf of Mexico. They inhabit primarily deeper water, and don’t seem to occur in water shallower than about 20″.   Most of the nano ones we sell are the smooth skinned ones from inshore and the Gulf of Mexico,

Sponges are filter feeders, primarily feeding on bacteria and dissolved organics, so they can be a little challenging to keep in some reef tanks.  If not fed regularly with some sort of planktonic food, the will slowly starve to death in most reef tanks, so be prepared to feed them on a regular basis.  Most sponges will have a small amount of substrate attached to their bases which can be superglued or epoxied to a rock so they will stay put in your aquarium.  You can also wedge the sponge into a crack in the rockwork of your tank, but I would not recommend “planting” them in the sand because the base may end up dying.  Contrary to everything you’ll read about sponges, these sponges can be safely removed from the water and exposed to air for brief periods of time without any lasting damages.  We’ve handled thousands of these sponges over the last 30 years and most have been exposed to the air for brief periods of time without any problems, so don’t make a huge deal about not letting the sponge touch the air while you move it from tank to tank or while you mount it on a rock.

The target size for the nano tree sponges we ship is about 2.5″ to 3.5 inches tall and it will have several branches.  The sponges are wrapped in paper towels and submerged in water for shipping and they generally ship real well and will do well in your tank.

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9 reviews for Red Tree Sponge Nano

  1. tyler.hancock28 (verified owner)

    The red tree sponge I received today was fantastic. Piece is roughly 4-5″ tall with 3 branches, which makes for a great show in my 10g nano. It was packaged securely without exposure to air. Would confidently order from KP Aquatics again.

  2. dendemereckis (verified owner)

    Received a beautiful sponge, nearly 5 inches tall. Three stems, each nearly an inch in width. Adds so much new color to my tank! Thank you! I never find this at my LFS in the area.

  3. jvcasuso (verified owner)

    Ordered a nano but received a gorgeous, large red tree sponge. Really ads a big splash of red. Looking forward to the availability of a yellow tree sponge for yet more color. Makes you want to get a bigger tank! K&P products are the best!

  4. Marcella (verified owner)

    What a bright orange red color and great size as well. This will definitely add a bright splash of color to your tank!

    I have had a few of these sponges in the past and they were pretty hardy in my tank. I would feed phytoplankton almost daily and I would also use a turkey baster and ‘blow’ the detritus off my rocks and very lightly on the sandbed which not only did the sponges love but the other corals as well since most feed on that.

  5. Jason Michalczyk

    Perfect size for a nano reed! Color is great, and it has a cool “seat like shape”, very nice piece.

  6. michael cullinan

    ordered nano but must of got regular size this thing is a beauty.

  7. Bernardo H Cuadra

    The red tree sponge I received was beautiful, a great addition of red to the tank, it was also a nice sized piece!!

  8. Roger Danley

    Perfect size for my 10 gallon. Easily adapted, my decorator crab made a hat of a piece and it grew back quickly.

  9. Lori Walton

    Great size..just right. He always sends the best..never a disappointment. Everything I have purchased has thrived, no losses ever. Thanks for the free bee’s Ken..always a pleasure.

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