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Neon Blue Zoanthid are one of the most sought after zoanthids we carry and are also the most difficult to find.  We are selling Neon Blue Zoanthids by the polyp (A small and large cluster can be multiple pieces but will have the polyp amount stated below).  They are a light neon blue.

We take these pictures in sunlight with a standard flash, so they are not jazzed up by some sort of funky lighting.  This is what they actually look like in the wild, so that’  is about what they will look like when they leave our warehouse. We fresh water dip all of our zoa’s when they are brought into the warehouse, and regularly clean, prune, and groom them, but there is always a possibility that they might contain some unwanted hitch hikers, so additional treatment is recommended.  Go to for more information on treating and dipping zoanthids. They also ship real well by priority mail, so this is a great way to try some different zoanthids.

These are deep-water zoanthid, so they will not require the intense lighting that some of the intertidal greens do.  They are photosynthetic, but supplemental feeding similar to what you’d feed other corals and gorgonia is a good idea.  They will eventually attach to whatever
substrate you put them on, and before too long they will start growing new polyps from the base.

Most fish and invertebrates will not bother zoanthids, and they will not bother any other critters. They can intermingle with many different zoanthids, and we regularly keep them with all the different types of zoanthids we sell and they seem to get along fine.

Single: 1 polyp, and maybe a few more than that. The polyps are about a half inch or less in diameter.

Nano: This cluster will contain at least 5 polyps, and maybe a few more than that. The polyps are about a half inch or less in diameter.

Small: This cluster will contain at least 15 polyps, and maybe a few more than that. The polyps are about a half inch or less in diameter.

Large: This cluster will contain at least 30 polyps, and maybe a few more than that. The polyps are about a half inch or less in diameter.

Care should be taken when handling any zoanthid, ricordea, mushroom coral, or sea anemone because they use stinging cells called nematocysts to sting and capture their food, and these cells can cause skin irritation and eye damage if it gets on you or in your eyes.  The mucus of some of these animals also contains strong toxins that can cause severe skin irritations and permanent eye damage if handled improperly.  Use latex type gloves and protective glasses when handling or fragging these species.

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12 reviews for Neon Blue Zoanthid

  1. Dane (verified owner)

    Wish I could post a pic-these are so beautiful and I keep checking everyday for them to be back in stock-opened within one hour of being in my tank and are thriving along with the spikey orange gorgonian I also received-perfect specimens. Thanks!

  2. Marcella

    When you see these in stock order them right away! AMAZING colorization! I have been keeping an eye out for these guys for such a long time and added them to my order asap! I was not disappointed!

    Really beautiful teal, neon blue centers with reddish skirts. The blue color really pops! I wish I ordered a bigger one!! I hope they are in stock next time I order!


    These pic don’t do any justice,I’m running T5 and this zoos looks like electric/teal blue , amazing deal I must say.

  4. Oliver Puppel

    Added one polyp to my order, got a colony of 10! 6 of them were open within 5 minutes of being in the tank, and the rest are slowly starting to open. Definitely a good purchase!

  5. Lance Boudreaux

    Good Zoanthids not the same as pictured but still very different the the rest I have in my tank..

  6. Dennis Ednalino

    These are great zoas, took a day for them to open but all have opened up and look fantastic. Well worth the money.

  7. Billy Rotne

    Awsome zoas. I have a lot of cool zoas….Purple People Eaters, Eye of Rahs, Dragon Eyes, Eagle Eyes, Cotton Candy Palys, Tubs Blues ect ect….and these are up there with the best of them. Dont hesitate because these are wild caught. The blue of these are like nothing I have seen in a zoa before. Awsome Price too!

  8. Jonathan Humphreys

    These are the best looking blue Zoanthids I’ve yet seen. The photo doesn’t come close to capturing their brightness. I’m not sure what happened to Brock’s Zoanthids (see his review), but I’d say that’s likely not the norm and I do feel for him. I had a cluster of these in my 20g for about 9 months, and they grew very nicely (well, until I managed to poison the whole tank – those these guys survived longer than any other Zoanthids in there). I just added some to my 150g and to a nano, and both clusters are doing very well and are just as vibrant as my original colony. Highly recommended.

  9. Josiah Hanson

    I ordered one and got five, excellent deal and very nice looking zoas.

  10. Brock Fluharty

    I got them, and they were very bright. After a few days, they bleached really badly. They were gray in color, and now there is no color.

  11. Eddy Mejia

    This zoas are amazing if you’re impressed with the boring blue zoas or tube blues …you havent seen anything this ones are neon light blue zoas and they look amazing mixed with other blues …. that have an amazing color…a unike zoa that you most have….


  12. robert latta

    Very unique blues in these zoo’s, a great addition to any tank. Buy in confidance that what you recieve will be amazing.

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