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Nerite snails, Nerite virginea, are small algae eating snails commonly found in shallow inshore waters around porites corals and on turtle grass blades. They come in a variety of shell colors and designs, but are also commonly covered with coralline algae, so they’re often pink.  These are not the species of nerite that live in the intertidal zone and crawl out of your tank, so you don’t have to worry about finding them on the floor.  They are reef safe and will not bother any other invertebrates or fish.

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9 reviews for Nerite Snails

  1. jvcasuso (verified owner)

    Wanted 10 but nine were all that were available but no worries, all nine arrived alive and hungry. Started cleaning almost as soon as they got in the water. Great little snails!

  2. Tyler Matheny

    Ordered 6 and they took off nearly as fast as my Astrea did. Good little snails from what I can tell and have always heard good things about them.

  3. Tyler Matheny

    Went right to cleaning in my tank! Best snails there is!

  4. Steve Hascall

    My favorite part of ordering any Cleaning Crews is that Ned can’t count. Order 5 get 8, order 10 get 15.etc.

  5. Kim matheny

    I should have bought more of these little guys they are all over the place. Thanks

  6. Rachael Leslie

    Great addition to my tank! I’ve never seen Nerites this big in the local fish shop, and never this cheap! I ordered 30 and got a few extras as a bonus! As soon as they were in the tank they were hard at work! Sea Life Inc. is truly the best online shop there is. Believe me, I’ve shopped around, and now my search is over! Thanks Ken!

  7. Morgan Hazell

    I love nerites and so I ordered several along with other types of snails. Ken gave me extra snails, almost twice as many as I ordered! They began to clean stuff right away. The nerites have little fanworms and coralline algae on them. I am very pleased!

  8. jeffrey Doerr

    Neat little guys, totally covered in purple and pink coraline, went to work on my tank immediately!!!

  9. Red Angel

    Alive and well doing their Job thier snails what can you say …

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