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Ninja Star snails is our descriptive name for this species of star snails.  They were formally named Astrea phobia, but the new scientific name for them is Lithopoma phobium.  They are closely related to the regular “astrea “ star snails, but have very pronounced spikes around the edge of their shell throughout most of their life.  They get quite a bit bigger than the standard astrea snails, and when full grown they can be 2” across.

These snails inhabit pretty much the same habitats as the other astrea snails, but they are very difficult to find and available in very limited quantities.  They will eat just about any thin film algae, but will also eat hair algae and other nuisance algae.  They don’t seem to eat coralline algae, and usually don’t bother caulerpas, most calcareous algae, and most fleshy macro algae.  They may forage on some of the larger algae, but unless they are really hungry they don’t tend to eat them.  They don’t generally eat bubble algae; so if you’re having a problem with it, get some green or red mithrax crabs.

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8 reviews for Ninja Star Snails

  1. landrlakehouse

    I like them but they get stuck upsides down and i have to keep an eye out for them

  2. Jessica (verified owner)

    Awesome snails. Good sized. Eating my algae!

  3. kcowpoke_2004 (verified owner)

    Got some of these cool-looking snails to help with a hair algae issue in my cousin’s tank. They’re doing an amazing job of clearing it away.

  4. Steph30aydenb (verified owner)

    All alive and moving and cleaning the tank. Cool and unique addition to the cleanup crew!

  5. Richard Andres

    I have never seen these for sale in a LFS, a very unique clean up crew item it seems you can only get here. I got six: the spikes on mine arent as sharp as depicted, and they move very slowly around the tank, but I would buy them again, very unique item.

  6. Lisa Schwamkrug

    I got five of these guys, and they went straight to work on the algae and are constantly busy. Aside from that, they are very cool-looking snails you don’t see in LFS very often.

  7. michael mattox

    very nice looking snails, great algae foragers, really interesting shell growth.

  8. Michael Berry

    These snails are really cool. They are rarely found in fish stores and are excellent algae eaters.

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