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This is a listing for all Octopus lovers.  We only see a few octopus every year. There has been a high demand for the octopus and if we list them, they sell very fast. If you get an email that they are in stock and you go to our website, and it is not in stock anymore, somebody else has already purchased the octopus.


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7 reviews for Octopus

  1. Lauren Ostrom (verified owner)

    I recently received a beautiful baby CRO octopus from KP Aquatics and I couldn’t be more please 🐙. Little Franky came quickly and in very good health 🙂! Will absolutely be ordering from again 🐙🙂!!

  2. rachel.l.gleaves (verified owner)

    Been searching for a octopus 🐙 for a while. I found it, on Kp’s site. I placed my order and the next day it was here. The 🐙 was healthy, beautiful active. I love, love ordering from Kp’s site. I’m never disappointed with the live stock or service. The whole experience is always smooth. I will continue to buy from them and would recommend you do the same if you want top quality live stock as well as outstanding service.

  3. Tristan Batson (verified owner)

    I got a very young guy that was missing a tip of his tentacle or 2 which is normal from the wild or shipping. He has been healthy , friendly and curious since the day we got him though! Looks a lot like the picture. Thank you!

  4. lakin.erica412 (verified owner)

    I had my octopus and rock flown to my local airport in order to cut down on shipping stress, and would highly recommend contacting the guys at KP about that option. I believe i paid southwest airlines directly and it was $100 flat rate shipping for 100lbs or less at the time. The octopus was small/young, which is exactly what youd want because of their short lifespans. Ive ordered 2 octopus from other websites and they both arrived senescent and died shortly after. Ive had my octopus for 6 months now, and ive fallen in love with cephilopods and will always have one. So you guys should expect to hear from me again, ill be a repeat customer.

  5. mystevious13 (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Love my octo. Came in big and gorgeous. Very explorative. Very friendly. Doing great. Eating already. I only want to order from them from now on. This is the octopus I’ve been looking for. So glad these great people could provide for me. Shipping super fast and great communication. Answered all my questions very fast. Thank you very much. Please put me on a list for the same octo please.

  6. dava.quail

    I purchased a baby octopus from them in October of 2018. Now he is fully grown and just amazing! I would definitely order from here again. The octopus arrived in a well packaged container overnight. Very pleased

  7. Elias Gomez (verified owner)

    I could not possibly be more happy!! I ordered two octopuses from kp with a request that I thought would be Impossible! After ordering from many places all over the country and many big name distributors you guys were the only ones to make it happen from over 2,000 miles away!! Also they arrived in great shape and were very very friendly both are not afraid of people. That says a lot after having had so many, some are terrified for the first couple of weeks or even months while others that have been fed, cared for, and handled properly by people for a wile love the attention.. Thank you so much again!

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